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Cloud Identity Access Management – An Identity Access Management is a framework of business process, policies and technologies that facilitate the management of electronic or digital identities. This can be deployed on-premises, provided by the third-party vendor through a cloud-based subscription model. It unifies access control for cloud services into a single system and presents a consistent set of operations. Cloud computing puts digital assets into remote data centers.

Why Cloud Identity Access Management?

  • Cloud IAM lets admins authorize who can act on specific resources giving you full control and visibility to manage cloud resources centrally.
  • Cloud IAM designed to simplify work, with clear and universal interface lets you manage access control across cell cloud resources constantly.
  • Cloud IAM provides tools for managing resource permissions with minimum risk and high automation. The admins get the rights to provide permission to the users to access only to those data and applications to get their work done and can grant permission to the entire user group.
  • Smart Access Control Recommendation with Machine Learning technology-enabled help admins to remove unwanted access to cloud resources. The security teams can automatically detect unwanted access and reduce them based on similar users in the organization and their access patterns.
  • Cloud IAM help you to grant access to cloud resources at micro-level and access beyond project-level. Create more specific access control policies to resources based on attributes like IP address, resource type, Device Security status and date/time. This ensures appropriate security control while granting access to cloud resources.
  • Cloud IAM help you to focus on business policies around your resources and makes compliance easy by streamlining compliance with an in-built audit trail.

Features of Cloud Identity and Access Management

  • Cloud IAM enhances security with flexible Multi-Factor Authentication on Web, cloud, Mobile, VPNs and Operating System. This feature protects identity from hackers virtually.
  • Cloud IAM with single Sign-On feature gives one-click access to everything from system applications, network, storage and more from any device with si  ngle login credentials.
  • Cloud IAM User Management through one centralized cloud directory that manages user access from systems, servers web, networks, on-prem applications with one central place to provision, de-provision, and modifying user access virtually.
  • Cloud IAM integration with AWS, Office 365, G suite helps in shifting the entire customer base to cloud platforms.
  • Cloud IAM radius an essential part of modern IT Security, and with this feature, IT admins can lock down the wireless access.
  • Cloud LDAP solution with cloud services or applications simplifies standard integrations with hundreds of applications. Instead of building an LDAP infrastructure, you can leverage LDAP as a service platform.

Future of Cloud Identity Access Management 

Directory-as-a-Service is Transforming the Face of IAM it is next-gen Identity and Access Management platform that addresses a number of these issues. This new type of Identity-as-a-Service platform as a cloud-based solution connects users to resources including systems, applications and networks.

This next-gen IAM platform enables true single Sign-on and more. Users and IT resources can be anywhere on any platform.



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