In the fast changing IT landscape, the demand for being quick to the market is not a `nice to have’ option, rather it is a must. At Happiest Minds we have unified Consulting, Design, Migration and Transformation approach. Our Application driven Infrastructure philosophy brings the effective functioning of business critical applications into front. A scalable and reliable infrastructure design for your Applications transforms into better time-to-market, enhanced user experience and increased business agility.

Happiest Minds provides Cloud & Data Center Advisory and Transformation solutions to map out the current AS-IS state of the Infrastructure and provide valuable key insights and solution to specific problems which already exists or might occur in future as well as a clearly defined road-map for the TO-BE state architecture and migration plans. We follow established frameworks with detailed knowledge base through our expert consultants to enable workloads to support Traditional, Cloud-native, Analytics and IoT requirements.

Happiest Minds offers a comprehensive and end-to-end Cloud and DC Infrastructure services to ensure seamless migration of workloads, monitoring, management and optimization of Cloud, DC or a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure scenarios.