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Today Security has become the major concern in almost all the industries with billions of IoT devices used worldwide. IoT Security is a technology that secures IoT (internet of things) devices and the network from cyber threats ensuring safety and security of the data that is shared through devices on the network.

IoT is used in many sectors and industries that involve user application that includes all smart devices connected to the internet/use network access for their function. The more the proliferation of smart devices introduced to do human’s jobs, the more is the need for securing them.  

Consumer applications, Business applications which include Smart Security to Logistic Trackers and Government applications that is used to monitor wildlife, natural disaster alerts traffic congestion and more.

The more the information you store on your device, the more you are at the risk of data leakage and attacks.

The IoT Security risk and challenges involved are:

  1. Weak IoT device security – The failure of developing an in-built IoT Security leads to access to data stored on the device, network and cloud applications.
  2. Lack of IoT device and data management – ensuring a secured and trusted data protection and managing these is a serious concern.
  3. Access to visibility and control – identifying threats on a device and network is critical. Lack of data encryption, weak authentication and lack of control over it leads to access to the privacy information and data leakage. So, to enhance Security, proper products should be used to mitigate these threats.
  4. Fragmented IoT Security – Security solution often creates a security gap and complexity, which leads to an advantage to hackers and hence unified IoT Security is essential.

Ensuring the right level of robust protection

  1. Developing a secured device is essentials with specific objectives and can lead to creating a solid security foundation.
  2. Having a secured and flexible approach to connecting devices regardless of their deployment is a critical factor of and IoT deployment.
  3. Verification of access needs to a connection request.
  4. Ensuring the data integrated with other enterprise data is secure and trusted.
  5. Need to have end-to-end Security over device and cloud.
  6. Wherever these devices are engaged, continuous monitoring of Security is required.
  7. Need to have secure radio access data with strong authentication and encryption in a trusted environment.
  8. Smart end-to-end Security and automation.
  9. We could expect millions of IoT devices to be introduced in the next few years and raise strong security to devices is essential from the developing stage.
  10. Strong gateway, firewall, traffic domain separation & access control to prevent from potential threats.

Future of IoT Security

IoT Security will become a priority has the risk of exposure to security threats is more for IoT devices. Hence the providers of IoT devices are working together to provide robust security in building an IoT device, but it is tough to have Security installed on all IoT devices. Therefore, a dedicated, IoT Security platform is essential.

IoT Security standards will be the priority which includes the devices connected in an enterprise, risk assessment, and vulnerabilities check, monitoring threats with an incident response team.

Most of the organization are behind security services for IoT device protection, and we could see an upgrade or increase in the level of IoT Security by many folds.

A powerful IoT Security can be developed with an integration solution that provides visibility, segmentation and protection in entire network infrastructure with a holistic security approach.


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