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What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is one of the most popular next-gen databases that gives you a hand to create apps right from the scratch, down to the tee. As an NOSQL database, MongoDB propels organizations to migrate faster than they conventionally could with 1/10th of the cost. MongoDB proves to be faster, better and leaner.

How does it work?

MongoDB stores information in a flexible document data architecture, which is on the similar lines with JSON. The documents are designed to encompass arrays, sub documents and binary data. This flexibility, in turn, lets development teams to get the data modelevolution on its wheels and be tune with application requirements change.

MongoDB leverages auto-sharing for horizontal scale-out. Automatic Leader Election and Native Application in conjuncture, support high availability across and data centers. MongoDB enhances the speed, on-disk capacity, making extensive use of RAM. In all, it provides comprehensive secondary indexes, extensive security and aggregation capabilities.

How do you deploy it?

  • Single view – MongoDB lets users receive a real-time view of their businesses, which will help them consolidate all the spread-across questionable data.
  • Internet of Things– The connectivity of MongoDB is gaining ground around the world, employing about 40 billion sensors, totaling up to a figure of $19 trillion in revenue.
  • Mobility– MongoDB is potent enough to get mobile apps on their in a matter of just weeks, let alone months. It enhances the scalability to cater to millions of users.
  • Real-time analytics – MongoDB facilitates light-weight, low-latency analytics to its users. What’s more, it lets them integrate their operational data base in real-time.
  • Catalog – Catalogs are forever changing, which in other words is the RDBMS nightmare. With MongoDB cataloging becomes as easy as it can get.

Mongo DB Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of MongoDB is its scalability it leverages. Its users run MongoDB on over a thousand servers, delivering millions of IOP and producing over hundred billion documents. MongoDB facilitates better software and services to make processes easier in both, datacenter and cloud through production, development, support, consulting and training.


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