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The concept of workspace transformation is the transformation of workspace from standard to a remote workspace where the employees are given the freedom to connect and work from anywhere provided with the right application, technology.

Why workspace transformation?

Today most of the business is driven by technology the work we do is automated and outsourced. Adapting to the change in workplace culture is a challenge, with the right set of technology and information, this can be achieved in transforming workspace smarter and better.

Essential of Workspace Transformation

The essential part of Workspace transformation is providing the right technology, enabling secure, collaboration and communication. Workforce mobility requires access to the applications, ensuring secure access to the data from anywhere and from any device connecting employees and business 24/7 would result in an increase in productivity, customer engagement and helps in handling tasks more effectively. The modern workspace includes the collaboration of all the departments working together with a common goal.

The data-driven organization, creating a data-driven culture, is a must to the modern workplace. Customers demand more engaging customer experience, and this is a new core driver for digital transformation.nData can help to uncover customer expectations, analyze market trends and highlight growth opportunities.Protecting data in the modern workspace is a must with high security and keeping updated to the evolving threat landscape. Security data with multi-factor authentication, Data leakage prevention technology, regulating access to internet/cloud with a secure connection and education staff on security policies.

A modern workspace is about transformation in culture and enables a business to incrementally improve its process by aligning people, process and technology. Each year business must face change in innovation and trends that affect the business operation & conduct.

Modern Workplace Trends and Its Impact On Business

With the fast-paced technology, the younger generation who are born and raised in this era would be more likely to have better skill sets and ideas. Aiding these generations to the workforce with proper training and encouragement to these gens would make maximize technology implementation.

Making use of remote communication with the help of software like Team, slacks and zoom, which helps both the employees and employer and business needs to support these trends.Flexible work schedule increases employee engagement and investing in employee wellbeing improves the overall business result.Centralized communication, like using cloud communication software boosts employees to work effectively.

The modern workplace trend has made social purpose as a priority to attract young workforce. Business needs to encourage the gig economy and implement the right software for remote employee management. Training and upskilling are the top list for business to retain talents. AI and Machine Learning innovations close the skill gap in improving employee productivity. Technology like EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) protects from unauthorized access to enterprise application and data on mobile devices with features like password protection, encryption and remote access to data for deleting in a device misplaced/lost situation. It is easy to imagine the mobile devices in your organization becoming unbeatable sources of engagement, productivity and innovation. In practice, the dream can quickly become a nightmare with a profusion of devices, policies, security issues and management platforms.

Happiest Minds Enterprise Mobility Service is meant to prevent that from happening. It has an advisory component that helps design the right strategy, solutions and policies. Whether you are new to business or a long-time business owner, it would be best if you adapted to the change in trend to compete with fast-paced technology.



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