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Case Studies

Highly Available And Scalable Big Data Search

The requirement was to enable Quick search on huge volume of data. Our solution enabled fast and scalable processing of source feeds and Real time indexing of modifi­ed data.

Product Recommendation for leading US Retail Chain

Enhanced Product Recommendation System for 25,000 plus products across all retail stores (kiosk) and online stores results in improved Cross Sales from 10% to 12%. Machine Learning algorithms help in identifying similar products for new items / categories and creation…

Log Aggregation and Reporting For a Leading Customer Experience Company

The business requirement was to determine marketing effectiveness and consumer behaviour for a leading Customer Experience Company. Huge Click Stream logs of approx 10GB per hr were loaded and HBase/Hadoop was used to extract various statistical insights. Multi-level aggregation resulted…

Real Time Analytics on Stream Collection for a K12 Education Provider

Hybrid Solution facilitating Batch and Online activities give 360 degree view of student. Real Time Data Ingestion supports 100,000 messages / sec for 9 million users

They Streamlined The Process

Process streamlining of the pricing strategy of a leading pharma giant with a Pricing Analysis Tool helps plug revenue leakage of 2%.

Happiest Minds Enables One Stop Shop For Customer Assistance

Combined solutions bring retail modernization for a smart and connected experience to a large US based Retailer. From warehouse process transformation to innovative in-store experience with advanced BI and Analytics creates an enhanced retail experience.

In Store Experience Transformed!

Singular platform for customer interaction brings huge improvements in customer experience for an anxiety management enterprise.

Digital Transformation Across Retail Value Chain

Implement a boutique of transformational solutions ranging from warehouse process management to customer interface touch points. Developed an integrated mobile enabled platform using interactive tablets as kiosks and iPods as communication devices providing workflow automation for improved warehouse operations, In-store…

Helping An Energy And Utility Company Guard Proprietary Data

The client is revolutionizing the way energy is generated and consumed with its unique on-site power generation systems that utilize an innovative new fuel cell technology. Creating new technologies and developing IP data around product designs, chemical compositions and so…

Addressing Key Business Growth Requirements Of A Transaction Driven Marketing Company

The client is a leading transaction-driven marketing platform enabling advertising offers inside bank accounts. On behalf of merchants, banks run offers in consumers’ online banking statements targeted against actual purchases. While the company's current offers platform has been relatively successful,…

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