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IoT Security Challenges and  Best Practices

The use of IoT devices is rapidly increasing, and IoT services have become vital. Along with success, several security risks and exploits against IoT devices have been identified, and it is growing with the technology...

Zero Trust Networking

This white paper explores modern Zero Trust Networking approach ensuring minimal threats on your network and aiming for higher security zones...

Container Security powered by DevSecOps

Containers are a type of software, which isolates environment running within a host machine’s kernel that allows us to run application-specific code...

Enterprise-Grade Security in Microsoft Office 365: Best Practices & Technologies

Microsoft Office 365 is a SaaS solution designed with next-gen cloud-based communications and collaboration services like Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Teams and more...

End User Computing Solving the Problem

End-User Computing (EUC) is the term used for a dedicated team of IT professionals who put their efforts in providing the employees with the right solutions to the hardware and software, server and networking, firewall, OS and software patching, security-related…

Honey Pot – Cloud Platform Essentials

Security has always been a vital component for any industry and a critical factor in Information Technology. Physical, VM or Cloud, no matter which era we belong to - security risks, threats and attacks, both external and internal – have…

Data masking – Big Data Environment Best Practices

Discover the potential of environmental data, and learn how it's used in business and research, with the Best Practices to deal with Big Data Risks and Data Masking.

Elevation of Mobile Security Risks in the Enterprise Threat Landscape

Enterprises are rapidly adopting innovative mobile applications to transform their business capabilities as the mobile presence is critical for businesses to attract, retain and communicate with customers; it has become an integral part at both work and in their personal…

User Behavior based Anomaly Detection for Cyber Network Security

Combating the inside threat requires reimagining cybersecurity – and embracing predictive analytics to the core.

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