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Moving Towards a Virtual Data Center

Global data is on the rise, in terms of scale, complexity and functionality, paving a way for data centers to be more intuitive, coherent, holistic, and easily accessible. With disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Mobile Technologies, Social Network and…

Migrating to SharePoint

There have been debates brewing on the surface of operations that revolve around the idea of if SharePoint should board the cloud or stay put on premise. While, its granted that Office 365 leverages multiple benefits for end-users in terms…

Software Defined Data Center – An Implementation View

The pace of IT change is increasing remarkably. Mobility, cloud computing, social media, consumerization, big data and analytics have all become deeply interwoven within today’s enterprise. The result is a paradigm shift in the way organizations use and consume IT…

Application Packaging – An Approach

Application packaging is a process that aid enterprises to micro-manage their extensive volume of software complexity for desktop and server systems more effectively. By configuring and deploying streamlining software, application packaging reduces application management costs and enhances operational efficiency to…

How to develop a Successful Project in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is highly popular for Collaboration, Enterprise Management, Internet/Intranet Portal Publishing, all of which have become important to SMEs and large organizations alike. SharePoint is built on a framework that is the best in its class.

GroupWise 8.0.2 to Exchange 2010 Migration

There has never been a better time to migrate to Microsoft Exchange Server from other messaging platforms such as Novell GroupWise.

Towards CEBP: IAP Approach

Many enterprises have already completed the journey of migrating from legacy systems to IP systems. Though some of them are still planning this journey, there are a few who have already begun their next stage of moving onto a unified…

File Server Migration

This paper provides guidance for migrating the File Services server role, including data and shared folders and the permission required from the source server to the destination server that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows 2012. It describes two…

Nintex Over SharePoint Workflows

Organizations use workflows in their day-to-day activities to handle multiple processes. Be it a leave request, on boarding of a new resource, exit of an employee, or the placing of an order for IT, processes need to be followed, which…

Unified Communications Solution for Retail Industry

As retail industry grapples with the shifting consumer behaviour and highly disruptive influx of new technologies, Unified Communications Solution offers a unique opportunity for growth.

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