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Microsoft Intune Windows Autopilot

Windows autopilot is one of the features in Microsoft Intune, which gives you enhanced ability to set-up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. You can also use windows reset, repurpose and recover devices. Windows device life…

Microsoft App-V– Benefits

Applications can run without installation through a technology called Microsoft Virtualization (App-V). Microsoft App-V Software delivery uses a process called, Application Push that enables the users to PULL or STREAM applications as and when they need them. App-V  liminates the…

Managing Access, a Challenge

The best way to address to all these problems is through RBAC (Role Based Access Control). RBAC is a regulatory method that provides access to computers or network resources to the employees or non-employees based on their roles and responsibility within or…

Customer Responsibility for AWS VPN

The aim of the whitepaper is to bring customer responsibilities in one space while creating the VPN connection between AWS and the Customer Network. This document discusses the initiator of the VPN establishment, followed by a few Troubleshooting checks during any failure.

Evolution of the Software Defined Data Center

SDDC – a term that still dwells in the futuristic sense of things, is perhaps the next major milestone in a cloud-centric world that can entirely change the way data is stored and managed. A fully software defined and software…

BCP and DR Plan With NAS Solution

The purpose of this document is to prepare a case for implementation of passive file server using NAS solution for financial institutes.

Branch Cache

BranchCache is designed to work with the existing network and security infrastructure. It supports IPv4, IPv6 and end to end encryption methods such as SSL and IPsec. It ensures that the most recently updated version of package is served and…

Software Asset Management

Enterprises today are increasingly dependent on technology and especially with software. The gross spending on these is recurring and exponentially becoming an expensive affair year on year.

Designing Industrial Network – An Approach

Industrial Networking is under transformation from legacy communication system to a smart and converged networking system, which is more powerful and efficient.

Cloud Migration: Migrating workloads to OpenStack Cloud

For majority of companies, be it small, medium-sized businesses or large, migrating data center workloads to the cloud is rapidly becoming a key priority. However, organizations are continually facing obstacles in terms of complexity of the manual migration processes. In…

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