Enterprises develop numerous applications to cater to the needs of their customers. Traditionally, they align a dedicated team of engineers to offer support services for these applications. However, as the organization grows, the number of enterprise applications increases, thereby increasing the cost of application support. This puts the organization under tremendous pressure to:

  • Optimize application costs and reduce cost of operations year over year
  • Bring in digital innovation into traditional application managed services
  • Automate support processes to the highest possible level


At Happiest Minds, in addition to offering business-as-usual application support services, we leverage our rich experience of working on multiple AMS engagements to introduce digital innovation to our clients. Our proven three-phase approach toward taking over our clients’ application maintenance services involves: i. Transition & Shadow Support, ii. Steady State, and iii. Continuous Improvement. Working in tandem with our clients’ existing application maintenance and support (AMS) teams ensures business continuity with zero downtime.

Our application maintenance and support services are backed by strong analytics and insights, allowing clients to derive predictable outcomes. With our unique approach, we introduce automation and app modernization to facilitate self-support enablement. We help our clients with:

  • In-depth application analysis to discover innovation opportunities
  • Shift left approach adoption and process improvements to focus on quality from day 1
  • Process transformation to leverage emerging technologies

The differentiated experience that Happiest Minds offers is visible in the outcome delivered:

  • Higher application uptime
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction score (CSAT)
  • Improved deployment quality
  • Enhanced ecosystem maintainability
  • Lower cost of support and quality
  • Faster time to market and a more responsive support cycle


The Happiest Minds Advantage:

  • A differentiated working model where we offer AMS services on “risk & reward” or “outcome” basis over minimum base/volume after detailed analysis of the client’s existing operations
  • Commitment to introduce innovation
  • Automation of support operations