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Leveraging data to transform processes and enhance interactions with all stakeholders is a mandate in digital business world. However, proliferation of technology has hyper accelerated data creation. It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to transform data into knowledge and manage it effectively to create business value.

Happiest Minds Digital Knowledge Hub solution, powered by advanced content management system mCaaSTM, transforms the complete knowledge creation, classification, structuring, sharing, utilization, and auditing cycle. It helps to bring together data, people and process to improve the way work gets done. This solution enables organizations to:

  • Gather information from disparate sources like iBeacons, social media, and all IoT devices.
  • Deliver the right content at the right time in order to make the right decision.
  • Create real time personalized messages to enhance customer experiences.
  • Derive actionable insightsto ensure better business outcomes.

Digital Knowledge Hub brings focus to the chaos of content – both structured and unstructured. Being a Platform as a Service offering, it helps enterprises get started in literally no time and without any major changes to the existing infrastructure & systems.


  • Curate, classify and deliver knowledge to the needful
  • Single unified content delivery mechanism across web and mobile
  • Interactive end user knowledge consumption
  • All modules under single platform and release management
  • Allows plug-n-play customization, in less than ½ the time taken by traditional KM products
  • Knowledge anytime, anywhere [truly Omnichannel, Omni-device]
  • Enterprise and community based collaboration
  • Large rich text content sharing, single knowledge dashboard, self-learning

Features & Benefits

  • Personalized and contextualized content delivery
  • Intelligent search
  • AI powered chatbot to improve interactions
  • Seamless integration with backend system
  • Mobile enables with push notifications
  • Visualize knowledge and analyse activity with anticipation
  • Support for social sharing and email notifications
  • Detailed 360 degree unified view of tasks and activities
  • Improved productivity, creativity & innovation
  • Improvised, personalized & optimized content, customer support, and services
  • Optimized and efficient business process
  • Advanced end user analytics, to suggest newer dimension of business
  • Improved customer satisfaction, optimized routing and relevance


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