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Big Data Non-Functional Testing

The three dimensions or characteristics of Big data i.e. volume, variety and velocity are validated to ensure there are no data quality defects and no performance issues.

Data Quality Monitoring

  • Data accuracy, Data Precision & Data timeliness, Data Consistency & Data Profiling
  • Validation of alerts/ notifications for erroneous records/messages


  • Service Availability (Internal & external systems), Data Replication, Data backup & Restore

Data Security

  • Sensitive data protection, User Authentication checks and Role based authorization
  • Data Encryption/Masking of personal information

Data Performance

Performance degradation can result due to bad architecture or poorly designed code. At Happiest Minds we ensure that the performance meets the SLA with the following activities.

  • Benchmarking for each component
  • Maximum data capacity size &Processing Speed
  • Message Transfer speed, Response time & Operations/Sec, Parallel Job monitoring
  • Read/Write/Update on databases (NoSql / RDBMS)

 Failover Test mechanism

Our Failover Test mechanisms aims at validating the Data recovery process and to ensure that Data processing happens seamlessly when switched to other data nodes.

  • Ability to replay the data using various offsets
  • Validate additional clusters added/removed dynamically





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