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The vastness of the digital space and the various components involved with being digital can be extremely intimidating. Taking a gander at the pace at which the entire world is going digital, anybody can decipher that it is just going to get bigger and better with progressing time. Therefore, it is essential to understand why and where your business should exist digitally. A Digital Consultant is the one who helps you to understand your digital goals and strives to accomplish it while you uninhibitedly focus on your business.

With all our experience and expertise in the Digital Space, Happiest Minds is ready to wear the hat of a Digital Consultant and help your company connect with your customers and strengthen your brand awareness across different Digital Channels. We provide innovative solutions that will simplify your customer experience, create value for the enterprise and boost your business and brand value.

  • Increased conversions with personalization and relevancy
  • Improved engagement with conversations and campaigns
  • Optimized spent on promotion analytics
  • Informed decisions with Predictive insights


Business Transformation
  • Physical to Digital: When your business goes physical to digital, it will boost your customer reach, increase the footfall, increase revenue through influenced buying and enrich customer engagement enhancing loyalty and resilience.
  • New Digital Business: Data Monetization, Product Incubations and Market Place will strengthen your partnerships, steer innovations resulting in increased Market Share and Revenue.
  • Business Integration: To increase relevancy, single view of customers and unified brand experience companies must do Digital Business Integration through channel integration, brand consolidations, and data process integrations.
Experience Transformation
  • Brand Amplification: Manage and measure Brand Awareness and effectiveness across all digital channels including social for increased brand reach and improved brand value and engagement.
  • Lead Management: Create, nurture and convert leads achieved through the digital campaigns. This will increase your digital visibility, drive more footfalls to the site and improve the stickiness and conversion metrics.
  • Campaign Management: To increase your customer engagement metrics and campaign ROI it is essential to run campaigns with personalized and targeted content.
  • Omnichannel Experience: Provide seamless experience across channels irrespective of the devices that your customers use. This will enrich channel attribution, improved reach and build customer identification across channels.
  • Insight Driven Commerce: A personalized and intuitive experience while shopping will help increase customer engagement, improve relevancy and boost revenue.
  • Customer Service: A Chatbot led customer service and self-service will decrease the number of to the customer service representatives (CSR) and churn while increasing the LTV.
Enterprise Transformation
  • Process Automation: Productizing and automating services will decrease the level of manual intervention, reduce time to completion, and optimize the cost and the efforts.
  • Performance Management: Data-Driven Decisions with intelligent and contextual reporting will help you take quick and informed decisions.
  • Employee Enablement: Connected Employee and Knowledge management will get faster access to information with better interaction and community management.


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