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A call center is often considered as a necessary cost for acquiring and retaining customers. Changing market forces have only aided this perspective. Today, customer service and experience is unquestionably one of the most important strategic differentiators for majority of organizations. But as the call volumes and costs escalate, organizations need a new customer service strategy that can deliver competitive advantage while driving business value creation.

Digital Contact Center Modernization solution enables organizations to transform a call center into intelligent engagement center to enhance customer, agent, and supervisor journeys with Happiest Minds digital disruptors. We help out client convert a traditional cost center to profit center by creating new operational and strategic capabilities. We empower organizations to:

  • Integrate contact centre software like Avaya, Cisco, Jacada and Ameyo with digital technologies like advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Chatbot.
  • Unclog the call lines and reduce resolution time.
  • Empower agents with intelligent insights and a unified/ universal desktop to enhance efficiency.
  • Enable managers to mine data and optimize call center.
  • Deliver value through digital disruptors.

We leverage the existing investments in network, infrastructure, platforms, and applications to provide compelling solutions to customers and agents improving KPIs like C-SAT/NPS, agent productivity, and cross/up sell.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent Self Service Support (iS3)
    • Assisted Interactions (Virtual Assistant, Chatbot)
    • Assisted Engagement via Live Chat or Call
  • Universal/Unified Agent (UAD)
    • Auto Form, Trouble Ticket
    • 360 Degree Customer View
    • C2Q (smart snippet) and ICR (right & bright agent)
    • Personalized Engagement
    • Personalized Recommendations
    • Access to ‘Suggested Solution’ (Knowledge base)
    • Speech to Text (E.g. Call Summary)
  • Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)
    • Right Agent based on C2Q
    • Auto assign to SME, RM, Supervisor, Manager
    • ICR based on Profile (static) and C2Q (dynamic)
  • Positively impact KPIs like C-SAT/NPS, operations cost, agent productivity, cross sell, and up sell
  • Provide omnichannel, self-service, assisted, engaged and personalized resolutions
  • Decrease direct agent interactions (live chat/call)
  • Increase sales and revenues with real-time recommendations
  • Reduce time taken by agents to write call summary with Speech to Text functionality


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