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Digital transformation is driving the business world, thanks to SMAC technologies. Are enterprises ready to grab the opportunities of these disruptive technologies? Global CXO’s are realizing it will not be possible to satisfy tomorrow’s competitive demands by leveraging yesterday’s infrastructure. Striking the right balance between legacy infrastructure


and new technology platforms, with the reality of limited resources is a daunting challenge for enterprises of all sizes. New concepts like Digital Infrastructure, Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Software Defined Everything (SDE) are driving enterprises’ transition from traditional IT environment, emphasizing on efficiency, reliability and accuracy on one side, towards non-sequential environment emphasizing on experimentation, agility and speed. However, the transformation journey through these two diverse environments without any hiccups is quite challenging.

Current Challenges with Digital Infrastructure Transformation in IT

  • Lack of appropriate tools and platforms to enable transformation from legacy IT environment to advanced digital infrastructure
  • Keeping the lights on without affecting the transformation from traditional to modern IT
  • Lack of proven frameworks and roadmap for transformation
  • A platform which understands the legacy and the next generation infrastructure
  • Integration challenges of siloed multiple toolset for a unified view and manageability
  • Unified reporting for CXO, Business and IT
  • Leverage existing investments for the transformation journey


Why Infrastructure Transformation?

How can businesses address the current challenges with traditional infrastructure and best respond to the new age digital transformation IT requirements? How can they innovate, transform and set new directions for growth by leveraging the advanced digital technologies and infrastructure in a cost effective manner?

We at Happiest Minds with an intuitive platform- the Digital Infrastructure Transformation as-a-service (DiTaaS) enables a smooth transformation for your IT from traditional to advanced digital IT infrastructure, to meet your next generation digital transformation technology requirements. It transforms your traditional computing environment into a truly agile enterprise infrastructure and improves productivity, flexibility and accelerated time to market on a manageable budget.


Why Happiest Minds for Digital Infrastructure Transformation?

In the current day world of Hybrid IT management of diverse IT infrastructure estates spread over on premise private cloud, public cloud and SaaS services, it becomes pertinent for enterprises to aggregate all the IT assets spread across the Hybrid IT environment for ease of monitoring, management and support

DiTaaS from Happiest Minds enables enterprises to activate a portfolio of infrastructure management, automation, orchestration, along with centralized management of cloud and on-premise services.

  • The managed platform enables enterprises in service innovation through aggregation and consolidation
  • DiTaaS enables agility through automation for build, provisioning and operations
  • Facilitates consumerization of enterprise IT-as-a-service with financing and accounting, creating a market place. Facilitates software defined components like Compute, Storage and Network offered through a marketplace that brokers multiple cloud platforms.
  • ITSM-on-demand with automated monitoring and service request management
  • Consolidates management of multi-vendor infrastructure, platform and application services across your business in a much secure and scalable manner

DiTaaS feature benefits


Digital Consumerization
  • Self-Service, market place for independent IT assets and service bundles
  • Metering and chargeback to any level of organizational unit hierarchy
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual interfaces for distributed environment
  • Ability to offer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service bundles through catalog management
  • Service catalog creation for custom offerings around VDI and workspace computing
  • Service Design and Provisioning
  • Service Aggregation and consolidation
  • Cloud orchestration
  • API based integration with other modules / tools
  • Reports and dashboards
Enterprise IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring of IT Assets spread across hybrid estates
  • Automated enrollment of provisioned instances with defined parameters / thresholds
  • Custom reports and dashboards
Application performance Management
  • Monitoring of synthetic and non-synthetic transactions
  • Custom reports and dashboards
ITIL v3 compliant ITSM Ticketing
  • Entire range of ITIL v3 compliant services
    • Service Request Management
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Change Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Configuration Management Database
  • ITSM Reports for compliance
  • Custom reports and dashboards
Automation and Orchestration
  • Automated Service Request Fulfillment
  • Automated remediation for Standard Operating Procedure driven Incident Management
  • Automated patch management for approved patches / fixes
  • Mass roll-out of patches / updates
  • Automated Application release management
  • Updation of automated actions in the ITSM ticketing tool for audit and reporting purposes
  • Automated enrollment of workloads in Monitoring tool, CMDB and parameters to be monitored in the monitoring tool
  • Custom workflows development for automation based on incident analysis
Privilege Identity Management
  • Integration with Enterprise authentication to enable access governance
  • Ensure secure access that cannot be reused for increased security
Reporting and Dashboards
  • Multi-tenant Custom portal
  • Role based access control
  • Integration with existing tools through API’s
  • Widgets, dashlets and portlet features to customize dashboards based on preferences


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