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The advent of digitalization has led organizations into turning their gaze inwards, setting in motion measures around creating ‘digital workplaces’ and ‘digital employee experience’. That’s because, employees today expect the same level of technology they’re exposed to in their personal lives from their workplaces. However, organizations are seldom able to match up to their standards. A widespread disinterest in corporate intranets and communication with HR, finance, admin, IT and support services is commonplace.

That’s where the need of a Digital Employee Experience Platform(DEEP) arises. It greatly facilitates in breaking interaction barriers, promoting knowledge sharing, fostering productivity, driving organization’s best interests, meet employees’ standards and concerns while imparting them a competitive edge.

Happiest Minds’ digital AI assisted Employee Onboarding and Experience platform helps enterprises focus on employee efficiency and engagement, giving new hires a great first day and a gratifying employment experience. Being built on our award winning AI/ML based mCaaS and dCOBTM platforms, it can enable enterprises with a seamless omni-channel experience for potential hires, fresh hires and employees, while perfectly integrating with various enterprise applications including HRMS and Payroll. The platform comes entwined with capabilities like social profile and personality insights, authentication through biometric markers, digital validation and verification, fingertip signatures, and zero data entry through machine language based OCR. The platform also offers:

  • A personalized portal for employees with an inbuilt cognitive Chatbot, powered by strong analytics and recommendations.
  • A workforce analytics dashboard that offers a 360 degree view of employees and the company.
  • Retention analytics, real-time performance powered by predictive modeling to anticipate employee’s next move, and assistance in taking remedial actions.
  • All features integrated in one place and a rich experience in general.


The DEEP platform has the potential to not just create a digital workplace, but offer a radically disruptive employee experience. Driven by national databases, organizational systems and disruptive digital technologies it gives quicker, real time visibility into employee journey. Empowering nearly all stakeholders right from the workforce to the 3rd party verifier, back office executives or the top management—the plug & play eDKH platform is easily customizable and can be effortlessly integrated with back end systems. Here are some key differentiators of our Employee Onboarding and Engagement platform:

  • Offers an enriching employee experience
  • Better efficiency in handling employee requests
  • Low on-boarding and background verification costs
  • Boosts motivation and sense of belonging in new hires and employees in general
  • Easy knowledge management and navigation for employee
  • Employee retention and their advancement within the organization
  • Better measurement of new hire productivity
  • Low cost and effort on maintenance
  • Reliable, flexible and personalized platform for employees Personalized Training and career path recommendation.
  • Can be hosted in-house, on cloud–hybrid and on-premise implantation

Features & Benefits

  • Seamless Employee Experience – Real-time consistent employee experience across diverse back-end systems.
  • Real-time Validations – Run checks for correct Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Identify (POI) records such as SSN, DL
  • Biometric Authentication (face recognition and finger printer reader) and e-sign
  • AI based resume-category-classification
  • BOT based technical interview
  • Video sentiment Analysis
  • Zero Data Entry – self-service automation with the help of ICR/ OCR abilities
  • Completely Digital – paperless experience
  • Chatbot – For assistance to remain interactive
  • Verifications – via integrations with enterprise and 3rd party systems such as Driving License, Credit Score, SSN, W2 Forms and more
  • Analytics Dashboard – For Retention Predictive and Performance Analytics
  • HR Automation and Analytics
  • Predictive Performance Management
  • Personalized Employee Portal & Recommendations.
  • Lower employee on-boarding time
  • Decreased overall cost
  • Reduced Employee Effort Score (CES)
  • Extraordinary Employee Experience
  • Greater new hire productivity
  • Easy differentiation between under-performers and high-performers
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce subjective & biased technical inclination during interviews.
  • Accurate assessment of technical capabilities
  • Near perfect job match based on resumes.
  • Higher Employee Retention
  • Lower time spent on knowledge transfers
  • Decreased training time
  • Increased employee satisfaction score
  • Provide measureable feedback


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