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“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Business does not exist if there is no customer. Customer Lifecycle Management is an extremely critical part of running a business successfully. However, this journey must begin with a customer getting on boarded into a new business eco-system i.e. applying for a product and going through the process involved.  We at Happiest Minds believe, on boarding customers is an area of immense importance to business since the first impression is indelible in the minds of customers. Businesses must do everything they can to make the Customer On boarding process as simple and seamless as possible.

Why Happiest Minds for Customer On Boarding (COB)?

The goal of our  Digital Customer On Boarding (COB™) solution is to digitally disrupt the existing disconnected customer on boardingprocess. We do so by smartly leveraging digital technologies, national databases and enterprise systems to give omni-channel, faster and real-time visibility into this journey. We do so by empowering each stakeholder/actor involved in this journey; customer, back-office process executive, 3rd party verifier and business owner.

Our enterprise customers will have plug & play COB™ platform which can be further customized and integrated with back end systems. Additionally, our customer on boarding platform is modular, developed with open source technologies and secured giving the flexibility and reliability for our customers. COB™ platform can be hosted in-house and on cloud – hybrid and private.

Our Offeringsxyz

Features & Benefits

  • Zero Data Entry
    • Digital documents upload (picture, scan, upload)
    • ICR/OCR - Instant validations, Hand-writing recognition
  • Real-time Validation & Verification
    • Validations for Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA)
    • eKYC / Verification with 3rd party agencies; government and non-government
    • OTP based Verification – Verify Mobile number through automated OTP (SMS)
  • Authentication
    • E-Sign – Enable customers to digitally sign the application (DIN, Net Banking)
    • Bio-metric Authentication – Registered customers can re-login using finger prints supported by mobile devices
  • Business Rules & Workflows
    • Instant Eligibility – Based on Income, Gender, Profession, Location and more Loan based on Income, Servicing/Provisioning based on Applications; Loan, DTH, Broadband, Mobile services
    • Role based Workflows & Interfaces – Customer, Back-office process executive, 3rd party verifier, business owner
    • Dashboards – Business owners can have near real-time visibility into KPIs/Metrics.
  • Social Media
    • Registration through Social Media channels like Facebook
    • Social Profile  – Facebook, LinkedIn profiles captured
    • Social Listening – Offers based on social listening (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Integrations
    • Virtual Assistant (Chatbot) - Help customers with Q & A, How to guides
    • Google Map Integration - Customers can pin their office/residence address for correspondence (enabled by GPS as well)
    • Phonebook Integration – References for cross-check and word of mouth promotion through Whatsapp, SMS, Email
    • Analytics – Capture users behaviour for insights and optimization
  • KPIs Positive impact e.g. Improved Customer Effort Score (CES), Reduced COB Time, and Lower Cost per each COB.
  • Zero data entry with few mandatory exceptions (e.g. mobile number)
  • Paper less experience
  • Instant validations, Real-time updates
  • Real-time visibility into eligibility (loan) and availability (service)
  • Assisted COB (Chatbot powered) minimizing human errors
  • Customer Social profile for insights into hobbies, social circle, lifestyle and more……
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