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Many believe that an Omnichannel enterprise today starts and ends with the customer. Is that right? Well, only partially we say. While customers are important personas driving the Omnichannel retailing agenda, and are the protagonists, it does not end just with them. There are many more characters in the Omnichannel story who have a role to play and can make/ break the experience for your customers.


The typical enterprise personas in an Omnichannel Retail organization would be

  • The Store Associate
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Digital Channels(who represent the brand as much as your store/ customer service associate)
  • Vendors/ Partners
  • Supply chain staff
  • Marketing managers
  • Merchandisers and most importantly, the CXOs, Board and Leadership

Business Requirement [Why]

Decoding the goals, motivations and capabilities behind each of these enterprise persona is the key. Omnichannel Retail Assessment and Transformation Framework from Happiest Minds helps you identify and define just that with insightful Omnichannel retail strategies to enhance customer experience.

With specific Omnichannel goals expected of each of these personas, the Omnichannel Retail Assessment and Transformation Framework, identifies underlying capabilities that are required to equip them. This in turn translates to specific initiatives and a logical roadmap to realize the capabilities.

The Happiest Minds Approach

Happiest Minds recommends a 4-step approach to arrive at a realistic Roadmap that would get you a step ahead in your Omnichannel journey. The starting point is to identify every persona in your enterprise who would be Omnichannel evangelists and contributing to your Omnichannel strategy.

Identify key personas in Omnichannel retail enterprise

Define goals, enabling capabilities and KPIs to be measured

Assess current state of capability maturity, Identify gaps and decide on target maturity level

Recommend prioritized set of capabilities and phased roadmap to acquire them


We then draw out an ideal state Omnichannel capability model by persona for your business imperatives. This serves as a benchmark and helps assess where the gaps are, in terms of business capability, process effectiveness, people skills and technology needs. The result is a Omnichannel Retail Maturity indicator of where you stand, where you want to be in the maturity curve and a roadmap to realize a prioritized set of goals & capabilities and thus get closer to being an Omnichannel retail enterprise.

Omnichannel Maturity Self-Assessment

Omnichannel is synonymous with B2C and more so with Retail today. Customers demand it and barring few, most Retailers are in awe of it. Do you have the right strategy, team and capabilities to enable an Omnichannel Enterprise and Customer Experience? Where do you stand? If you haven’t already done so, NOW is the time to evaluate where you are in your Omnichannel journey.

Take this 7-step self-assessment and know in real-time how mature an Omnichannel Retailer you are!

First 100 respondents will get access to a Complimentary Report on Retail Omnichannel Roundup.

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Store Associate

A Store Associate is a critical customer touch-point in the Omnichannel retail scenario to enhance customer experience management. Stores today are positioning themselves to be experience centers for their digital channels. This is a dramatic shift from the past decade where stores were competing with other digital channels of the same enterprise.

The Store Associate thus needs to be equipped with information on products available across different distribution channels, and also needs to be as knowledgeable as her customer to be credible brand advocates. She needs the right technology to have access to meaningful insights on her channel customer, to offer a personalized experience.

Omnichannel Goal
L1 Capability
L2 Capability
Technology Enabler
Store Associate
Unified Customer Experience
Know the Customer
Single View of

Single view of Customer
History, Preferences, Cart, Lists,
Queries, Social Engagement

Access to Extended
Product Catalogue
Master Data Management
(Products, Customers)



According to Gartner, marketing’s role in an organizations Digital Commerce business is becoming more critical than ever before. Creating unified brand experiences is a key mandate for Omnichannel retail and Omnichannel marketing functions today and having deep insights on existing and potential market is no more a luxury.

Omnichannel marketers thus need the tools for effective campaign planning and execution that provides flexible distribution channel management and unified content and communications as part of their Omnichannel retail strategy. While this is one part of the puzzle, the other part is about analyzing the effectiveness and solving multi-channel attribution problem, so the right channels get the right credit and spends going forward.

Omnichannel Goal
L1 Capability
L2 Capability
Technology Enabler
/Category Manager
Unified Brand

Analysis and

Campaign Planning,
Channel Specific

Micro Segmentation
/Value based
Customer Segmentation

Single View of
Products and Content

Content and
Creative Management

Campaign Feedback,
Analytics & Attribution Algorithms

Analytics for Campaign
Effectiveness by Channel,
Cross Channel Influences etc

Master Data Management/
Unified Views
(Products, Customers)

Content and Digital Asset Management
BPM and Workflows
% Uplift in


Customer Service

Customer Service function today is transcending beyond a call center to connect and engage with customers on the web, on social channels and on the go. The challenge here is similar to that of an in-store associate where 360-degree view of customers, orders, products and inventory situations becomes necessary to enable Omnichannel experiences.

The customer service associate thus needs real-time and holistic access to a customer’s interactions, transactions, preferences, social profile and influences to turn every customer interaction (be it a query/ complaint) to a positive connect and ensure successful closure of complaints. For sales enablement, having insights on customer preferences, access to an extended product catalogue and availability and a ready reckoner on substitutes, targeted products that could be recommended to increase basket spend become great tools for personalized selling.


L1 Capability
L2 Capability
Technology Enabler
Customer Service
Proactive Hassle
Free Resolution
Knowledge on
Pain Points

Social Listening
Single View of Customer,
Current Open Customer
Queries, Recent Open Orders
and Real Time Status

Insights on Social Profile
and Influence of Possible
‘Unhappy’ Customers

Dashboard of Quick Fix
Alternative Products, Self
Help Solutions/ Process
Assistance, Order Status etc.
Analytics for Social
Insights and Personalized

Master Data Management
/Unified Views
(Products, Customers)

CRM Integrated to
Contact Center
/Live Assistance Solution



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