Renewable power, including wind and solar energy, is experiencing demand like never before. Awareness around lower carbon emissions and a lower cost of consumption are driving demand for cleaner energy. This realization has put digitalization at the epicenter of the current struggle for a sustainable competitive advantage. However, quite a few renewable energy companies are still grappling with the nuances in technology and are finding it difficult to integrate their distributed energy resources (DER) such as rooftop solar, behind-the-meter batteries, and flexible demand-side resources, that are both behind and above metered energy assets.

Renewable energy companies must explore the full potential of digital technology to enjoy benefits such as:


Our digital transformation framework—with connected assets, a connected workforce, and optimized operations and maintenance—offers renewable energy companies greater returns on investments.

To help make the journey smoother, Happiest Minds offers solutions powered by the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), smart data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and other new and emerging technologies. We help renewable energy companies build the required digital capabilities and redesign their business processes with a robust digital transformation framework, so that they are able to use valuable data insights to: make informed decisions, bring down costs, improve asset lifespan, optimize asset output, and more. We help renewable energy farms derive long-term benefits while enjoying a connected experience.