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The Hi-Tech industry is driven by intense competition, continuous product innovation, and quick response to global market sourcing strategies to address new market needs. Electronics and hi-tech companies must incorporate changes whenever necessary, accelerate innovation processes and come up with winning ideas that translate into revenue to stay ahead of the competition and ensure improved customer experiences.

Our Digital Transformation initiatives are helping Electronic and Hi-tech Manufacturing players achieve following business outcomes

  • Customer Experience
  • Business Efficiency


Business Efficiency

Digital Assisted Sales Platform (DASP)

Salespeople spend less than 45% of their time selling, and in some cases, actual “client facing time” represents just 10% of the work week, with the remainder devoted to travel, administrative tasks and preparation. This leads to higher cost of customer acquisition. Typical business issues include:

  • Low productivity of sales force on the move
  • Poor quality of data inputs by salespeople, leading to erroneous forecast and pipeline information
  • Unsatisfactory engagement with prospects and longer resolution of queries


Smart CRM
  • CRM Access on Mobile
  • Smart Dashboards
  • Mobile Workflow
  • Pricing & quotation
  • Inventory Locator


Smart Engagement
  • Sales Gamification
  • Message Board
  • Social reward & recognition


Virtual showroom
  • Assisted Selling
  • Video and audio Collaboration
  • Customer reviews

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Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (mEAM)

Process manufacturing industries are asset intensive; our services and solutions are targeted to improve asset utilization and availability, reduce MRO cost, streamline sourcing, procurement and sophisticated real-time monitoring and tracking. Our solution ensures:

  • Maintenance strategy, process harmonization and implementation of Enterprise Asset Management systems
  • Reliability centered maintenance
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and mobility solutions
  • Plant standardization, MRO spend optimization
  • GIS integration
  • Availability of compliance module on tablets with backend integration to ERP/SAP

B2B and EDI Integration

Happiest Minds have expertise in B2B Integration and EDI across industry segments and offer managed services to esteemed clients. We have domain experts across technology landscape, which include:

  • Architecture and Consulting
  • Design and Implementation
  • Rollout and Support
  • Performance and NFR Benchmarking
  • Product and Platform Implementation Support

AMC Automation

Annual Maintenance Contracts is a sought after revenue item by most enterprises which yield a very high margin. Happiest Minds have a solution on cloud based platform which automates entire process of

  • Creating AMC,
  • Workflow approvals,
  • Pricing engine,
  • Documentation repository and
  • Contract signing digitally.

Compliance as a service Compliance vigil

Organizations, today have to demonstrate adherence to a series of standards and controls, while proving that they actually exist. However, this is an uphill climb as they face dual challenges-determining the exact regulations that are required to be adhered to, and gathering evidence in order to prove the compliance to those identified regulations. Non- compliance can affect a business’ reputation and shake customer confidence. This is mainly because it, directly translates to a questionable integrity of the organization.
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Customer Experience

Next gen remote service delivery leveraging IOT

A innovative solution from Happiest Minds leveraging mobile App and Service mgmt. Solution with a interface to a platform to capture and analyze sensor data information coming out of products. The application is having capability to interface with CRM.

  • Quicker and efficient processing of customer service requests for inspections or breakdown services.
  • Use of GIS/GPS technology and GPRS technology to allow for efficient communication with service team/inspectors on the field.
  • Provides real time access to critical information at the site, captures data, and transmits to headquarters.
  • Facilitates on-spot and hassle free sign off from the customer
  • Platform for remote monitoring of products
  • Customer engagement Platform for B2C
  • Next gen remote service delivery leveraging IOT

Engineering and Design services

Happiest Minds’ Consumer Electronics experts work with companies across the industry spectrum to help them sustain their competitive advantage with integrated solutions based on mobility, cloud, social and analytics. This, along with our specific offerings on User Experience Design and our ability to transform a concept into a complete solution, enables us to work with our clients using a partner approach. Our offerings include:

  • Streaming Solutions (Data/Audio/video streaming over wired/wireless networks)
  • Embedded systems/device drivers/embedded GUI
  • Specialized user interface design and usability
  • Technologies and Solutions around M2M/Internet of Things

 Advanced Analytics

  • Customer behavior analytics
  • Micro segmentation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Warranty management and analytics
  • Product lifetime analytics
  • Warranty Analytics

Enterprise collaboration

  • Integrated Planning
  • Business Planning and Consolidation Implementation
  • Collaboration platform for field service and manufacturing
Internet of Things

MIDAS – Platform for remote monitoring of products

Happiest Minds MIDAS platform for IOT is cloud hosted platform which have capability to collect sensor data, process and deliver various kinds of services to end consumer.

  • Usage Patterns
  • Failure patterns
  • Preventive alerts
  • Predictive maintenance

Connected Products

Our engineering capability to build connected products leveraging various sensors and communication protocols have helped various players in Hitech Industry to give sophisticated services to end consumers.

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics – Happiest Minds Advanced analytics solutions around Internet of things are:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Warranty analytics
  • Product life time analytics
  • Supply chain analytics


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