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Fraud detection and Analytics Lloyd’s of London, styled simply as Lloyd’s, is a British insurance and reinsurance market. It serves as a partially mutualised marketplace where multiple financial backers, underwriters, or members, whether individuals (traditionally known as Names) or corporations, come together to pool and spread risk. Unlike most of its competitors in the insurance and reinsurance industry, it is not a company, but a market where its members join together as syndicates to insure risks.

Much of Lloyd’s business works by subscription, where more than one syndicate takes a share of the same risk. Business is conducted face-to-face between brokers and underwriters in the Underwriting Room.

Industry Situation

Lloyd’s has weathered the recent economic storm quite well, all considered. There have been some areas of concern, especially in areas linked to  subprime lending in the US, but overall, Lloyd’s has proved to be quite resilient.  Most members continue to offer insurance cover to their clients without significant hikes in prices or change in terms and pay claims.

Helps Lloyd’s members meet dynamic business

Happiest Minds helps Lloyd’s members meet dynamic business challenges and improve business performance. We are committed to delivering business value and growth by utilizing the latest generation technology and our deep domain experience to offer solutions in several niche areas – property and casualty, reinsurance, underwriting, pensions and annuities etc.

Our areas of expertise include:


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