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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud gives the flexibility, scalability and access to extra storage computer resources of the public cloud without affecting the security, predictability and performance of local infrastructure.


Zero Trust Network

Zero-trust network is a security model that requires strict verification of identity for a person and device which has access to private resource networks. It limits access to the company's sensitive data and strictly gives access to those who need it.


Identity of Things

Due to the increasing need of the consumers and to reduce the complexity of life, new technologies are emerging daily. Right now, the world is experiencing the Identity of Thing (IdoT). Identity of Things involves assigning a unique numeric or…


End-User Computing

End-user computing has become one of the key focus areas of the digital workplace. The main reason for this transformation is modern work practices and consumerization of IT.


Work-Space Transformation

The concept of workspace transformation is the transformation of workspace from standard to a remote workspace where the employees are given the freedom to connect and work from anywhere provided with the right application, technology.


Security Operations Center (SOC)

In this quickly advancing technology; organizations; local, regional or global should secure data of their customers, partners, employees, inside tasks and more.


Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a technology/knowledge base, launched by Google in 2012, which intelligently captures and displays appropriate information from different sources when you search for something


Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Deep Learning – which has emerged as an effective tool for analyzing big data – uses complex algorithms and artificial neural networks to train machines/computers so that they can learn from experience, classify and recognize data/images just like a human…


Reinforcement Learning

From Deepmind’s success with AlphaGo to breakthroughs in robotic arm manipulation and computers automatically playing Atari video games – the field of Reinforcement Learning (RL) has gained significant momentum over the last few years.

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