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In today’s fast paced lifestyle, the key to running a successful business lies with an enterprise’s ability to process a large volume of data and make key decisions based on data analysis in the shortest time. Companies, right from large corporations to small enterprises, are turning to data analytics to improve their business and deliver better customer experience. With a massive amount of data flowing in from various sources such as the social media, day to day transactional data and customer feedback platforms, businesses can now analyze the data to understand their customer better and adapt quickly to their changing demands.

DataAccel is a versatile and customizable Unified Data Analysis platform that helps Enterprises to get actionable insights from their data faster and significantly reduce the time taken to convert data into decisions. The DataAccel platform provides an integrated and streamlined workflow that cuts your time to insights and actions by half.

DataAccel’s mission is to provide intelligence from large volume of content and make data analysis accessible for everyone especially Data professionals (Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Data Developers) or Business professionals (Decision makers) in any organization.

Why DataAccel?

DataAccel enables Data professionals, data experts and decision makers to derive insights faster. DataAccel semantically links all your data and enriches the content using powerful knowledge base. Unlike others, this knowledge base is extensible that makes precise domain specific enrichment possible. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques based on W3C standards.

DataAccel – A powerful, affordable, customizable and dependable solution for all your data analysis needs.

DataAccel with razor sharp focus attacks this problem so that Data professionals can spend most of their time effectively in solving business problems that can increase the revenue. Data has no boundaries in an enterprise and it is important that the enterprise application addresses data from various departments in a seamless way. With DataAccel, enterprises can come up with data driven cognitive application much faster thereby increasing the productivity of the Data professionals and therefore revenue for the business.

Features & Benefits

  • Data Sources
    and Data Storage
  • Data Preparation
    & Pre-Processing
  • Data Enrichment
  • Perform Analytics
  • Deliver Insights
  • Multi Structured data capturing
  • Harmonization of data for easy data modeling
  • Enrichment of data for efficient algorithm creation
  • Seamless storage of data irrespective of the data types.
  • Enterprises can develop Cognitive Data Driven applications faster without worrying about Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Volume, focusing only on deriving Values. Applications that can be included are Customer 360 analysis, Voice of the Customer data analysis, Influencer analysis etc.
  • Structure the Unstructured content – Empowers enterprises to apply the same rigor of analysis as for the structured.
  • Power to correlate external and internal datasets seamlessly
  • Numerous APIs available around the platform which makes it easier to utilize existing skill sets to build Big Data solutions without worrying about various complex configurations
  • With a goal to commoditize analytics, DataAccel platform provides out of the box advanced Text Analytics algorithms, Graph algorithms, Machine learning algorithms etc to run at a scale seamlessly
  • It utilizes existing skill-set for data pre-processing and post-processing, making data visualization and delivery a breeze. This lets the data scientists and analysts focus on solving business problems rather than processing data manually.
  • In short, DataAccel ensures that you spend less time in gaining insights from data, and analytics teams get more time to solve business problems.


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