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Supply chain is the heartline of any business. It is critical for technology companies in this space to have their products well aligned to the latest innovations that add value. While trends come and go, a number of technologies like Automation, Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, IoT and Big Data are coming together in a perfect storm to shape the future of what is now called the digital supply chain.

Our product engineering services for digital supply chain management includes technology governing supply chain visibility, demand sensing frameworks for customer driven supply chain, data ingestions, integration and advanced analytics for supply chain optimization.

To thrive in a rapidly changing landscape, supply chain companies need to stay on top of disruptive technology trends and seek to create an ecosystem that is secure, transparent, connected and robust.


Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end supply chain visibility is crucial in ensuring actionable data that empowers enterprises to make informed decisions and mitigate disruptions to business. Having in place the right supply chain technologies enables streamlined operations, accurate forecasting, minimal business risk and increased efficiencies.

With the ubiquity of connected devices, IoT when combined with the right data gleaned from advanced analytics can improve overall supply chain operations. This rising tide can lift many ships as measurable improvements are seen across multiple business functions such as logistics, finance and quality management.

Happiest Minds provides –

  • Intelligent IoT platform – Platform with end-to-end IOT infrastructure to support various protocols and ability to support both real-time and batch data ingestion. Cold   chain monitoring, indoor positioning and fleet management as some examples where this is being used
  • Integration services and solutions to establish a Single source of truth – Services to enable enterprise data integration, EDI and SOA based integration, Blockchain enablement and API development
  • Data visualization & Predictive analytics – Implementation of SCM KPIs, support of unstructured and structured data analytics, data mapping and correlation and anomaly detection. Supporting services enabled through UX/UI design and end-to-end software engineering
Demand Driven Supply Chain

Demand Driven supply chain is primarily based on –

1) Demand Forecasting – a mechanism that uses advanced statistical models to generate accurate demand forecasts from the latest data available within and outside the organization

2) Demand Planning – a simulation module that develops what-if analysis based on demand drivers, sales and marketing models

3) Demand Sensing – a module that identifies demand drivers with the help of short-term downstream data to understand customer demand.

Happiest Minds has deep knowledge of emerging technologies like big data, predictive analytics, advanced statistical modeling and digital technologies that form the basis of demand driven supply along with pre-built solution accelerators that businesses can latch onto.

We provide –

  • Enterprise Demand Insights – A Big data enabled technology platform that can be configured to pool in large amounts of historical and real-time data from multiple sources to convert data into meaningful information.
  • Predictive Analytics – we bring strong technological capabilities and solutions that allow to understand signals and build correlations or patterns to betters predict the peaks and valleys in demand correlating data from multiple sources. Aside, we also bring in capabilities to build advanced models that predict both long terms and short term demand patterns. These models could range from casual analysis, dynamic regression to integrated auto-regression models. When integrated with powerful big data platforms, they can provide valuable insights that would be of immense value to sales and marketing.
  • Digital Agents powered through AI capabilities – we build platforms for autonomous supply chain that is enabled through end-to-end synchronization. These advanced warning systems help in the planning process while keeping all systems well informed.
Supply Chain Optimization

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to optimize the balance between supply and demand to ensure efficient operations and improved profitability. The need of the hour is a technology solution that provides a sound business plan that has taken into consideration the current operational constraints and balanced it against the expected business targets to be attained.

The critical aspect of optimization is to provide a unified platform that is holistic, completely integrated and serves as a one stop shop. Happiest minds can build or enhance collaboration platforms and offer bespoke data integration solutions. More specifically, we provide –

  • Supply Chain specific Blockchain enablement services – Set of applications and associated services that are completely configurable to suit varied SCM needs across industries. This provides a mechanism to record, track, assign, link and share assets, products and inventories.
  • Data Integration and Information exchange – Solutions that foster supply chain collaboration and action platforms that helps sales, marketing and operations teams have a unified and comprehensive view of the committed plan.
  • Embedded Analytics solutions for purchase, production and distribution planning – Platforms and solutions to optimize purchase planning and synchronize the purchase plan with the rest of the supply chain. We also offer advanced AI capabilities to define sourcing rules and algorithms to determine volume discounts and break points. Solutions to better production planning and toolsets to determine batch size, optimize product mix and track or report on production plans. Solutions to determine distribution quantities, warehouse planning and management
Supply Chain Resilience

It is important for enterprises and companies to be agile and responsive towards market change and a key enabler of this is the ability to effectively address supply chain threats. Irrespective of the size of a business, it is prudent to build the resiliency of a supply chain so that business as usual can be resumed at the earliest when there is a critical disruption.

Technology platforms for risk management and mitigation is a welcome add to already existing SCM suite of application to help organization and enterprises to operate in the aftermath of a natural disaster or any other significant supply chain interruption. Technology enabled solutions that can provide a thorough review of not only their Tier 1 suppliers, but also the Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers can help to reduce the ripple effect will be of high significance. That said, we provide –  

  • Technology platform risk assessment tools and services – Platform to review resilience in the supply chain and provide benchmarking over an extended period.
  • Risk radar solutions – Service that provides solutions that work in real-time by monitoring the risk associated with an order and the impact it would have across different suppliers.
  • Risk modeling and detection – Set of tools and services to provide cognitive functions that are built over big data platforms to identify supply chain risks and create early warning systems with great precision and speed. Also provide technology that aid in building supply chain control towers.


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