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Enterprises are increasingly looking at their IT organizations to help drive business growth. CIOs have to balance between expectations for innovation and requirements for managing existing infrastructure, with limited resources. Given the budgetary constraints, businesses try to stretch the value of their existing infrastructure and identify savings on IT expenditure. Precious budget dollars are spent on running the business, leaving little room for innovation.

Enterprises need guidance and expertise in reshaping their IT infrastructure by aligning business objectives and maximizing value on investments, this is where Happiest Minds can add enormous value.

Client Challenges

  • Infrastructure complexities
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Increased time-to-market
  • Reusability of infrastructure components
  • Siloed approach and vendor-specific point solutions
  • Risk mitigation during transformation process

WHY iTaaS?

Happiest Minds iTaaS (Infrastructure Transformation as a Service) platform for service delivery is based on the ITIL framework. We help customer’s dynamic business environment leverage our agile and optimized iTaaS platform to attain sustained competitive advantage. The adoption of cutting-edge tools and processes in our ITIL V3 compliant iTaaS platform ensures that the managed services are delivered efficiently and effectively. Infrastructure transformation lowers costs, increases agility, and transitions workloads to a more flexible and scalable architecture.

Infrastructure transformation can broadly be divided into two segments or phases:

  • Phase 1 – Consolidating and virtualization: Streamline IT infrastructure, virtualize to gain flexibility, and a foundation for private cloud architecture.
  • Phase 2 – Transitioning to a Software Defined Infrastructure: Improve agility, and drive growth through innovation by transitioning to software-defined infrastructure.

Platform Functionalities


Transforming your current IT landscape to an agile IT infrastructure to support your modern business needs:

  • Integrated set of tools to address the various components of the IT infrastructure landscape – Servers | Storage | Network | Database | Middleware | Applications | End-User-Devices | Voice Devices
  • Engineered to provide a modular integrate-able component
  • Custom portal and dashboards to give a single connected view of the Performance, Availability, Capacity and Efficiency (PeACE) of the IT infrastructure landscape
  • Ability to integrate with customer invested tools to fill in the “white spaces” in the tool landscape
  • Multiple dashboards for the IT Support Operations, IT Management, Business Users, Application Owners and End-Users
  • Automation framework to address incident automation, data center automation and workflow automation
  • Business Management: predictive management of IT infrastructure based on business needs
  • Operations Management: Data Center consolidation, Automated Configurations audit and enforcement. Increased 1st call resolution with run book and process automation
  • Self Service: Process orchestration and integration with ITSM processes, automated provisioning, auto healing and scaling for Cloud. End to end life cycle management of the service request
  • Virtual Networking: Create secure zones in Private Cloud using SDN & NFV capabilities
  • Virtual Infrastructure: Embed High Availability and Fault Tolerance to Cloud Infrastructure using SDDC & SDS
  • Provisioning: Ready scripts with automation for instant provisioning, menu driving instant provisioning. Auto provisioning into monitoring platform with appropriate monitoring parameters.



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