What is DKH (Digital Knowledge Hub)?

Advanced content management solutions from Happiest Minds ‘mCaaS’ – Digital Knowledge Hub helps to bring together data, people and process to improve the way work gets done. This helps to deliver the right content at the right time in order to make the right decision. This helps enterprise to gather the right insights, apply analytics for faster, more accurate decisions, and take action to assure better business outcomes.

Why DKH?

Digital Knowledge Hub powered by mCaaS bring focus to the chaos of content – both structured and unstructured. It enables enterprise to create real time personalized messages. With the increased amount of information in the overall ecosystem from iBeacons, social media and the Internet of Things,an intelligent knowledge Hub assistant like our platform will be needed to manage and organize information to a larger extent to derive deeper insights.

Uniqueness of solution:

  • Introduce a platform which would act a single source of truth for all kind of knowledge
  • Enrich User Experience and build efficient knowledge delivery mechanism
  • Provide intuitive and contextualized knowledge
  • Curate, Classify and Deliver knowledge to the needful
  • Single unified content delivery mechanism across web and mobile
  • Provide Robust and Contextualized notification mechanism
  • Build a secure and collaborative knowledge sharing environment
  • Knowledge Orchestration, Enrichment and segmentation, on demand
  • Personalized / Contextualized Knowledge Delivery
  • Interactive End User Knowledge Consumption
  • All Modules Under Single Platform And Release Management
  • Allows Plug-n-Play customization, in less than ½ the time taken by traditional KM Products
  • Knowledge Anytime, Anywhere [truly Omni channel, Omni-device]
  • Enterprise and Community Based Collaboration
  • Large Rich Text Content Sharing, single Knowledge Dashboard, self-learning

Being a Platform as a Service offering, it helps enterprises get started in literally no time and without any major changes to your existing infrastructure & systems. What’s more, we are open to working in an ‘outcome based’ or a “revenue sharing” model to ensure that your investments are backed by an increased revenue stream.


  • Improved employee productivity, creativity & innovation and reduced cost to serve
  • Improvised, personalized & optimized content & customer support and services
  • Optimized & efficient business process & advanced end User Analytics, to suggest newer dimension of business
  • Proven Outcomes like Improved Customer Satisfaction, Optimized Routing and Relevance