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Embracing Digital technologies is helping organizations become smarter & more efficient. Given the fact that most enterprises have already leveraged the benefits of automation of core business processes, they are increasingly looking for other levers in their endeavour to usher the next phase of operational efficiency.

We believe that this will increasingly be achieved by focusing on a few or all of the following tenets:

  • Business agility – collapsing transaction cycle times and enhancing organization’s ability to sense and respond to triggers, opportunities and risks, in an increasingly omni-channel world
  • Cost optimization – driving the next level of cost savings and compliance without compromising on your organization’s ability to compete
  • Increased productivity – maximizing productivity of people and assets by leveraging collaboration & user-specific unified views around a specific business process area
  • Informed decisions – facilitating timely and data-driven decision making culture
  • Business Innovation – leveraging newer channels and business models for monetization and creating competitive differentiation

Happiest Minds offers a comprehensive portfolio of advisory, design and implementation & optimization services to help organizations leverage the power of insights, by addressing all the layers of our Insights pyramid – Data Management, Reporting & Visualization, Descriptive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.


Services & Solutions

Assisted Platform for Sales & Service

One of the key inhibitors for the enterprises in driving business agility and improved productivity of its sales associates, service agents and business partners, is the fact that the information is dispersed across multitude of systems. This is equally true of organizations having a Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer model. Digital Assisted Platform for Sales & Service (DASP) allows these Enterprises to create a unified, seamless & multi-channel access in real-time to all the information needed by these stakeholders from a single portal like interface. It essentially brings together one or more of the following the following 3 constituents for each stakeholder.

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Imagine the gain in business efficiency if a Retailer or a Bank can be pro-actively notified as their most important and loyal customers walk into their premises, and their sales/service associates can get a unified view of everything that they need to know to sell/service them effectively.

Similarly a sales person for a Hi-Tech Manufacturer or an FMCG company, can maximize his/her efficiency by having all the information like past orders, shipment status, sales insights, pricing contracts,  suggested sales order etc. available on-the-go. Read More

Next-gen Cloud Enabled biz processes Apps

Organizations today are increasingly looking to adopt light-weight, cloud-powered PaaS & SaaS offerings. This is not only being driven by the need for dynamic scalability and pay-as-you-go model, but also by the need for modernization, reduction in cost and faster time-to-market. Some of our solutions in this space include:

  • Mobile Sales force Automation (mSFA) – A SaaS offering targeted at sales team of CPG/FMCG companies and their distributors Read More
  • Mobile Distributor Management System – A SaaS offering targeted at automating the key transactions of a distributor/stockists in Pharma, FMCG/CPG industries. The versatility of the solution allows a small stockist to literally run their operations on a tablet Read More
  • Dealer Management System (DMS) – Next generation DMS solution for sales, service & parts for the Automotive industry
  • Mobile Field Service (mFS) – A field service SaaS solution to enhance productivity of field service engineers and assets across a variety of industry segments
  • Contract Management – A SaaS solution for contract definition and compliance for both buy and sell side
  • mCaaS – A non-intrusive Cloud based content brokering, aggregation and management for the digital world of today  Read More
  • Cloud Lending – A SaaS offering for marketplaces, financial institutions, lending & leasing companies to implement a next-generation loan origination and management platform
API Economy & Monetization

Digital channels give organizations tremendous ability to enhance their revenue streams, offering portfolio and efficiency by participating in the API Economy. They can now expose more and more of their products and services through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), allowing non-competing organizations to bundle these within their offerings thereby creating a win-win.

Happiest Minds can help organizations achieve this monetization through some of the following:

  • Identify and conceptualize potential candidates for monetization within an organization. These could be related to data/information, process or applications/services
  • Conceptualize, design and implement API platforms for the Digital economy
  • Help Research & Analyst firms monetize and personalize their content for the omni-channel world through our Managed Content as a Service (mCaaS) solution Read More
Insights-led decision making

Though most organizations have been investing in Data & Information Management area, this space is witnessing a quantum shift necessitating them to align accordingly.  This transformation is primarily being influenced by the following factors:

  • Unlike in the past, the new-age Insights are being driven by collating multitude of structured and unstructured data from internal, external and social channels. These are not only dramatically influencing organization’s ability to understand their Customers, but are also impacting literally every core operational function
  • Shift from an MIS & dashboard mindset to descriptive & predictive insights
  • Adoption of concepts like machine learning over traditional hypothesis based analytics
  • Embedding Insights/Analytics into other applications and systems to give them real-time intelligence and positively impacting business outcomes  Read More


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