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Do you have the right Platform to enable next generation e-Commerce?

Next generation e-commerce is about engaging shopping experience, fast and agile deployments, omni channel presence, robust order management and rich insights. However, to achieve this retailers need to be prepared and require an efficient platform for selling products, managing catalog and inventory, marketing, CRM, reporting and shipping. Magento for e-commerce websites is one of the best platform options that you can choose to engage your customers, nurture loyalty and empower retailers to thrive in the highly competitive e-commerce business world.

Finding a right solutions partner for your Magento e-commerce development is also equally important. Happiest Minds’ deep knowledge in Magento platform and strategies enables retailers to deliver secure, flexible and optimized e-commerce platform matching with their next generation e-commerce requirements.

Our Magento 2.0 Development Solutions

  • E-commerce Platform Customization and Development
  • Magento Integration
  • Magento Hosting and Server Management
  • Migration and Upgrades
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Database Importing & Exporting

Why Magento 2.0 for E-Commerce Development?

Magento is one of the most renowned platform for e-commerce development, which is innovative, scalable and flexible enough to satisfy even the most demanding customer. The new and improved version Magento 2.0 enables retailers to create, modify and control your e-commerce site with more ease, speed and creativity. The responsive design reference themes of Magento 2.0 provide developers with an opportunity to create sites that will be supported by devices with any screen resolutions. Magento 2.0 also brings in features like videos of the products, better streamlined and modified check out process, advanced customer segmentation, Personalization, better PCI compliance and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Modular architecture
  • Improved database with enhanced scalability
  • Automated testing and hardware compatibility
  • New extensions and testing tools
  • API upgrades and full page caching
  • Lag free checkout and payment gateways
  • Code Base Improvements
  • Refined Database
  • Improved UX/UI
  • Strong Data Encryption, hashing and key management
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization
  • Enhanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Streamlined customization
  • Easier installations and upgrades
  • Better quality, testing resources, and documentation
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Enhanced check out process
  • Personalization and targeted promotions
  • Simplified external integrations
  • Improved Modular architecture
  • Improved database with enhanced scalability
  • Automated testing and hardware compatibility


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