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Happiest Minds and DataRobot share the vision to productionize AI/ML models for Happiest Minds customers. This partnership will add world-class Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and production AI to Happiest Minds’ portfolio, enabling companies to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern all models in production, regardless of how they were created or when and where they were deployed.

This partnership is a major step toward providing enterprises with a better way to deploy and manage the lifecycle of all their production models holistically across the enterprise, to maintain current levels of AI adoption and scale to take advantage of new opportunities that every organization needs.

With this partnership using MLOps, customers can easily deploy any model to their production environment of choice, on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid. By instrumenting MLOps monitoring agents, we can add monitoring to any existing production model already deployed. It makes it easy to deploy models written in any open-source language or library and exposes a production-quality REST API to support real-time or batch predictions and also it offers built-in, write-back integrations to different systems.

This partnership with DataRobot will enable Happiest Minds’ customers to:

  • Automate Model Health Monitoring and Lifecycle Management. MLOps provides constant monitoring and production diagnostics to improve the performance of your existing models
  • Provide Embedded Governance Humility and Fairness. MLOps establishes a framework that helps to maintain the governance process for AI projects across the entire organization
  • Monitor Models in just a few lines of code. We will get instant access to advanced ML monitoring built on a robust governance framework to manage the lifecycle of all production AI
  • Automate retraining of Models
  • Bring speed, impact, and scale to the organization
  • Experience seamless collaboration on a single platform


DataRobot was founded in 2012 to democratize access to AI. Today, DataRobot is the AI Cloud leader, with a vision to deliver a unified platform for all users, all data types, and all environments to accelerate the delivery of AI to production for every organization.

DataRobot enables organizations to leverage the transformational power of AI by delivering the world’s only AI Cloud platform combined with an AI-native strategic success team to help customers rapidly turn data into value. DataRobot is trusted by global customers across industries and verticals, including a third of the Fortune 50, delivering over a trillion predictions for leading companies worldwide.

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