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Happiest Minds and Fivetran share the vision to build the smartest ways to load data into the data platform for Happiest Minds’ customers. Fivetran is a SaaS-based service that connects to the critical data sources in an organization, pulls and processes all the data, and then loads it into a warehouse (e.g., Snowflake, Big Query, or RedShift) for SQL access and further transformations, if needed. If data is the new oil, then Fivetran forms the pipes that extract it from the source and transport it for processing in the refinery.

Our collaboration uses Fivetran’s seamless connectivity to applications, databases, log files, and events and provides the team more time for analyzing data instead of pipeline management. It is an excellent fit for those who want to quickly implement source-to-target data extraction & loading and are comfortable using DBT or other means like Python to handle myriad data transformations. This partnership stands to add world-class ELT/ETL capabilities to Happiest Minds’ data analytics portfolio, enabling companies to carry out data transformation at scale and at an optimized cost.

This alliance with Fivetran will enable Happiest Minds’ customers with:

  • Managed service approach: Given the wide variety of off-the-shelf connectors, it is very easy to get up and running with source-to-target connectors for data extraction and loading.
  • Pre-built schemas for data analytics: Fivetran provides over 50 prebuilt data models for supporting common analytical scenarios like finance and digital marketing needs. Thus, having prebuilt schemas is an excellent way to quickly turn raw data into information and ultimately generate actionable insights.
  • Low cost of ownership: Fivetran acts as a force multiplier for data engineers and allows teams to accomplish more with fewer resources.
  • No engineering expertise is required. Additionally, incremental updates are possible for all the sources.
  • 150+ prebuilt connectors plugged in without the hassle of continuous maintenance.

About Fivetran:

Fivetran is an Oakland, California-based technology company that develops a SaaS data integration service for companies to extract, load and transform (ELT) data from different sources into data warehouses.

Fivetran is defined as a Niche Player in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration. It is primarily focused on the Extraction and Loading part of the ELT paradigm and has a library of connectors that customers can use that require virtually no coding or engineering expertise to connect source to target.

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