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The insurance industry continues to face pressure from increasingly tech-savvy customers, decreasing demand in mature markets, evolving regulatory requirements and multi-channel interactions. As a result, insurers are seeing an increasing need to expand in core and emerging markets with innovative and customized products and services for changing consumer demographics.

Happiest Minds helps improve efficiencies, enhance operations and streamline business processes through the use of next-generation technologies. With smart solutions, informed interactions and efficient operations, we have been instrumental in delivering significant benefits for our insurance clients. Our broad range of insurance solutions offers modern, functionally rich applications to help insurers of all sizes achieve high performance.


Life Insurance

The Life Insurance sector is experiencing a decline in sales and investment income. Happiest Minds is poised to enable insurance companies around the world to meet the dynamic business challenges and improve business performance by using disruptive technologies. Industry Challenges:

  • Unprecedented wave of mergers & acquisitions
  • Emergence of banks, mutual fund companies & investment advisory firms
  • Streamlining IT services cost, Legacy management
  • New Product Launches and reduce Time to Market
  • Satisfying the new age tech-savvy policy holders
  • Utilizing increasing volume of data to drive insight
  • New Channels and Multi-Channel Interaction Management
  • Increasing changes in Regulatory environment

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Lloyds of London

Fraud detection and Analytics Lloyd’s of London is a British insurance and reinsurance market. It serves as a partially mutualized marketplace where multiple financial backers, underwriters, or members, whether individuals or corporations, come together to pool and spread risk. Happiest Minds helps Lloyd’s members meet dynamic business challenges and improve business performance. We offer solutions in several niche areas:

  • Property & Casualty
  • Reinsurance
  • Underwriting
  • Pensions & annuities

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Pensions & Annuities

The Pensions and Annuities sector has had to deal with the costs of longer average life spans and faltering return on investment. The global economic meltdown has had a strong impact on the market demand for fixed annuities and other guaranty insurance products. Happiest Minds helps pension and annuity companies deal with the changing realities and improve business performance. Industry challenges:

  • Changing demographics, new customer demands on new products
  • Demanding customers who utilize multiple distribution channels
  • Shortening time-to-market
  • Legacy products and platforms
  • Changes in regulatory environment

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Property and Casualty

The property and casualty insurance market continues to be soft, and this seems to be here to stay.  The slow recovery of the market, the years of price competition and the low returns on investment continue to curb profitability. Happiest Minds helps property and casualty insurance companies reduce costs and improve business performance. Industry challenges:

  • Fast changing customer preferences, competitive pressures and frequent regulatory changes
  • Increasing costs of maintaining and supporting legacy systems
  • Changes in regulatory environment
  • Ongoing underwriting and investment income pressures

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The reinsurance market experienced one of its worst years in 2011, with a historic level of catastrophic losses. The debt crisis in the Eurozone continues to challenge the industry, particularly in the developed markets, making underwriting an even more critical component to profitability. Happiest Minds helps reinsurers reduce costs, improve risk analysis and business performance. Industry challenges.

  • Protecting risk portfolios against natural disasters
  • Integrating reinsurance solutions with existing technology
  • Complying with different countries regulations
  • Scaling reinsurance solutions to meet future needs
  • Providing insurers with a viable alternative to new risk management products

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Sales & Channels

Although most insurers still rely heavily on brokers and agent to sell their products, the growth of newer marketing channels over the last few years, such as the web and mobile, have necessitated a greater need for marketing channel management. Happiest Minds helps insurers bring in accuracy, flexibility and adaptability so that companies can extract the maximum returns from these channels. Industry challenges:

  • Rigorous governance & compliance requirements
  • Channel, incentive plan & data complexities
  • Need to reduce customer acquisition costs & improve retention
  • Siloed legacy systems that limit data flow, collaboration & shared processes between distribution channels & carriers

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With reduced return on investment and declining premium collections, underwriting is increasingly being seen as a means to achieve operational efficiency. Happiest Minds helps underwriters reduce costs, improve risk selection, segmentation and pricing, and improve business performance with latest technologies. Industry challenges:

  • Outmoded underwriting practices
  • Use of outdated & suboptimal technologies with Siloed systems and manual processes
  • Pressures to reduce risk, yet improve growth
  • Changes in regulatory environment

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