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The Proliferation of information technology has made it significantly easier and cost-effective to build and scale digital platforms. Traditional markers such as strong product differentiation, trusted brand name, leading operating systems, excellent logistics, protective regulation, and huge R&D budgets are no longer enough to create a stable and profitable business model. Organizations must exploit the power of platforms and bring together producers and consumers in high-value exchanges to zoom past the competition.

Happiest Minds Digital Platforms empower organizations with information and interactions to hyper accelerate value creation. Our unique IPs leverage emerging technologies like augmented intelligence, robotic process automation, big data analytics, internet of things and augmented reality to enable companies to become customer centric, frugal & insight driven. We build innovation systems through a process of Mindful Thinking to help our clients:

  • Focus on consistent & intuitive experiences: Link every journey, no isolation
  • Built to adapt and scale: Take ‘one’ to ‘millions’
  • Deliver with speed: Fast to market, key to winning the market
  • Place users at the center of everything: And yet, treat every customer as ‘one’

We help organizations develop a platform ecosystem powered by digital partners and community of users to foster continuous innovation.


Managed Content as a Service (mCaaS™)

Happiest Minds managed Content as a Service (mCaaSTM) is a pluggable, cloud powered Digital Content Broker Solution that seamlessly integrates with transactional systems and leverages any form of standard storage and middleware. This solution empowers organizations to derive relevant information from enterprise content and digital assets in the most efficient manner by ingesting content into an AI powered engine.

mCaaSTM helps our clients to:

  • Digitize and enrich content in real time
  • Connect multiple data sources to enhance efficiency
  • Transform a cost center to profit center by disrupting the traditional contact center processes.
  • Deliver contextual and most relevant information

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Digital Advisory Sales/ Service Platform (O-DASP)

Happiest Minds Digital Advisory Sales/ Service Platform empowers sales and service associates with real-time contextual information about customers, products, and offerings to enhance interactions and effectively establish a personal connection. The solution enables organizations to:

  • Captures continuous in the moment emotion of the customer
  • Minimize the distance barrier, time, and effort and deliver excellent customer experience
  • Accelerates the decision making with real-time insights
  • Personalize engagement with relationship manager and sales associate facilitated by AI Chat bot

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Digital Customer On Boarding (d COB™)

Digital Customer On Boarding (d COB™) solution aims to digitally disrupt the existing disconnected customer on boarding process. The solution smartly leverages digital technologies, national databases, and enterprise systems to give omnichannel, faster and real-time visibility into customer journey. The solution enables organizations to:

  • Enable zero data entry on boarding
  • Accelerate processes with real-time validation and verification
  • Support e-sign and bio-metric authentication functionalities
  • Provide real-time visibility into KPIs and business metrics
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions to offer enhanced experiences

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Digital Query Assistant

Digital Query Assistant (DQA) is an artificial intelligence powered solution which enables organizations to autonomously manage and optimize customer interaction across disparate channels including mobile, web, social media, and voice mail. It delivers the most relevant and contextualized content to end customers through a self-learning (Cognitive) platform. The solution enables organizations to:

  • Interact with end users through a conversational interface, part of Virtual Agent
  • Gather deep and meaningful insights on user interactions and information gaps
  • Generate the most Precise and Contextual Answers from multiple sources, languages

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IoT Platforms

Happiest Minds IoT Platforms enable organizations to improve business value and efficiency while reducing operations and maintenance costs. Our highly secure and scalable platforms can be deployed at speed empowering clients to accelerate time to market. Our IoT platforms help organizations to:

  • Leverage existing solutions to enable smart industries, smart living, and smart enterprises
  • Develop, test, and maintain multiple applications to solve unique business problems
  • Integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture
  • Ingest and analyze multiple data sets
  • Ensure compliance and industry leading authentication, encryption, and maintenance capabilities
  • Automate processes to enhance business efficiency

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