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Technology is the key driving force for businesses blurring the digital and physical worlds and enabling dynamic and smarter interaction of people, businesses, and intelligent “things.” An innovative approach is needed to use technology for greater digital dexterity within the organization, connected and uninterrupted buyer journey, and profitable business outcomes.

Organizations can maximize the value of digital experiences with an adaptable digital experience solution strategy and execution.

Happiest Minds Digital Experience Services empower organizations to transform their digital experience platform as a service and adopt insight-led processes for creating seamless customer buying journeys across multiple touchpoints. We help enterprises deliver high-touch convergent experiences that are humane, insightful, and data-driven. We enable organizations to:

  • Create digitally enhanced omnichannel experiences
  • Amplify customer understanding using capabilities like the internet of things (IoT), analytics, and mobility
  • Define path-to-purchase customer journey from awareness to decision
  • Customize service offerings using predictive analytics and recommendation engines
  • Optimize and enhance interactions throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Leverage a mindful thinking approach to enhance efficiency and deliver digital capital faster

We are the partner of choice for global enterprises in digital experience platforms services implementation. Our expertise extends beyond digital environments to wearables and augmented reality components in multi-device and multi-identity environments. Our collaboration with premier partners like SAP Hybris, Magento, PimcoreAWS, and Salesforce Sales Cloud uniquely positions us to leverage disruptive technologies for re-engineering digital experiences.



Customer Experience

The days of assets and commerce are gone and the age of the customer is finally here. Organizations must enable the orchestration of enhanced customer experiences and engagement opportunities to increase revenue and profitability. But it demands a coherent plan and commitment to best practices for the execution of successful customer experience initiatives.

Happiest Minds Customer Experience services enable you to:

  • Create value by transforming customer journeys.
  • Get better ROI by delivering personalized solutions based on customer interactions and intelligence.
  • Enhance sales and marketing interactions by leveraging customer insights.
  • Design responsive, rich, interactive, and engaging micro-experiences.
  • Deliver proactive customer service that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Build omnichannel experience for B2B customers

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Employee Experience

To deliver a connected customer experience, organizations must start by creating enhanced employee experiences. Happiest Minds Employee Experience service enables organizations to focus on automation and process improvement keeping employee/associate experiences in mind. Our solutions help you transform pricing management and analytics, learning management, and KPI monitoring to pave the path for enhanced productivity and insights-driven decision-making at multiple levels in the organization.

Happiest Minds Employee Experience solutions enable you to:  

  • Achieve improved associate productivity.
  • Drive insights-driven sales enablement, conversations, and conversions.
  • Provide effective automation and business decision-making around key functions like pricing and master data management.
  • Deliver real-time visibility and actionable insights on the shop floor or ground realities to CXOs and leadership.

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Omnichannel Commerce

Buying behaviours have changed. This is apparent in the rise of behaviours like ‘showrooming’ – the act of testing a product in-store with the intention of buying it online. To cater to digital consumers, retailers need more than the lowest prices; they need to create a complete omnichannel buying experience for B2C as well as B2B shoppers. Organizations need to be present in their customers’ exact moments of need while ensuring interconnectedness across various touchpoints from the customer’s perspective.

Happiest Minds Omnichannel Commerce service enables you to:

  • Maintain a single version of truth for products, content, and all digital assets.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to enhance customer understanding.
  • Facilitate customized pricing, personalized recommendations, and tailored checkout processes.
  • Garner insights from customer buying patterns to enhance experiences.
  • Connect store and fulfillment center without replacing the existing enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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Customer Relationship Management

The road to customer success passes through the digital landscape. Today’s digitally connected customers expect personalized service, faster response, incredible experience – everywhere, and every time. The need of the hour is that machines, humans, and “things” interact seamlessly to anticipate customer needs and create engaging experiences that win enduring loyalty.

Effective Customer Relationship Management can help you increase sales, boost productivity, and improve customer service – while reducing operational costs and increasing time-to-market.

Happiest Minds Customer Relationship Management service enables you to:

  • Mine customer trends to direct product development and promotions.
  • Implement data-driven sales and marketing strategies.
  • Personalize communications based on inspired customer insights.
  • Maximize revenues and increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Digital Marketing Offerings

Digital Marketing can no longer be viewed as an adjunct to traditional marketing. Instead, organizations must create a singular strategy integrating digital channels with traditional ones to create inspired connections with customers. Integrated campaigns break down the silos and empower organizations to raise the bar: communicate effectively, understand the pain points of customers, and customize offerings accordingly.

Happiest Minds Digital Marketing services enable you to:

  • Define the strategy and design exceptional digital experience platform architecture.
  • Manage integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Measure impact and enhance end-to-end customer experience.
  • Personalise rewards and promotions to maximize revenues.

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Digital Experience Platform

In today’s digital-first world, contextualized and optimized digital experiences across multiple channels are the need of the hour. Enterprises must optimize the process to manage, deliver, and optimize contextualized digital experiences— supported by analytics and customer data management. Happiest Minds Digital Experience Platform solutions enable you to integrate DXP platforms with any system, application, or infrastructure to ensure seamless continuity across the entire digital customer journey.

Happiest Minds Digital Experience Platform implementation services enable you to:

  • Create robust architecture and platform design
  • Build the integrated framework for multi-channel customer engagement
  • Deploy headless content capabilities to solve content-commerce challenges
  • Automate the process for single-source, multi-channel publishing


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