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Making the customers engage with a brand is a challenge that very business faces with, in this increasingly competitive world. Businesses are looking for innovative ways to increase the participation and user engagement that drives business value.


Adaptive Security

Enterprises today are continuously working towards maintaining a perfect set of security policies. However, their over-dependency on blocking and prevention mechanism is futile considering the advanced attacks they face on their networks by cyber criminals.



We often hear about cyber security incidents like- an army of infected systems/ zombie machines waging DDoS attack and bringing down the sensitive websites of enterprises, Government, military or banks.


Ransomware Attacks

Despite the efforts of cyber security professionals all over the world, cyber risks are on the rise, hitting the critical services of even high- profile companies.  Among these, ransomware attacks are garnering more attention recently


Cyber Risk Management

In today’s dynamic business world, it is difficult to bring to mind a type of business that does not depend upon IT to run critical business functions, examples being accounts in and out, payroll, e- mail, online payments, using a…


Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer lending also referred to as ‘social lending’ is a new segment in the financial services sector which blends technology, innovation, and disruption to provide an improved lending experience for both the borrowers as well as the lenders.


Agile Infrastructure

Agile is a very commonly used word in the world of software development. It has helped organisations drive better revenue through faster development, accomplish accuracy and achieve better time to market.


Security Analytics

Cyber security is one of the most pressing challenges that global organizations are facing in this internet driven and interconnected IT business world.


Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is the process of collecting large chunks of structured/ unstructured data, segregating and analyzing it and discovering the patterns and other useful business insights from it.

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