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Agile, Smart and Secure E-Commerce Solutions

The thriving e-commerce industry has fundamentally changed the way people shop around the world and willingly or not, most businesses have adapted to appease their customers and keep the virtual cash registers ringing.

IoT Manufacturing Solutions for Industry 4.0

Happiest Minds is a digital technology leader in providing services & solution for enabling Industry 4.0 for global manufacturer.

Wannacry Ransomware

An unprecedented wave of ransomware infections is hitting organizations in all industries around the world popularly known as WannaCry Ransomware.

Analytics Driven, Simple, Accurate and Actionable Cyber Security Solution

The Cyber Analytics Solution leverages Machine learning, Big Data, Trend Analysis, User Behavioral analysis (UBA), Entity Behavioral Analysis (EBA) and other techniques to identify anomalous behaviour, activities or trends of individual users, systems, and/or applications in an enterprise. The platform…

Happiest Minds – Your Engineering Partner of choice for NFV Innovation

Happiest Minds is committed to support OEMs, TEMs & Service Providers in design, development & deployment of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networks (SDN). Be it a commercial grade solution or implementation of proof of concept for potential use cases,…

Creating A Smart, Secure And Connected World With The Internet of Things

We are now living in a world where the number of smart devices has far exceeded the number of human beings using them.

PRIMER – PRIcing and MERchandising Cognitive Solution

The Pricing model and Merchandising decisions need constant monitoring and adjustments to meet multiple dynamic demands of the environment that retailers operate in.

Digital Contact Center Modernization (DCCM)

Our DCCM Solution focuses specifically on two most important actors – customer and agent – to transform the way they interact with each other

DIGITAL QUERY ASSISTANT | Revolutionizing Brand – Customer Relationships

Digital Query Assistant (DQA) is a game changer solution powered by artificial intelligence and various areas of cognitive computing, which holds the power to manage and optimize customer interaction across disparate channels including mobile, the web, social media, and voice…

Digital Customer On-boarding (dCOB™)

A robust Customer on-boarding experience directly impacts the market share of your business. It helps in boosting loyalty, reducing customer retention and increasing cross sell/ upsell opportunities.

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