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What is mCaaS™ (Managed Content as a Service) ?

Happiest Minds’ managed Content as a Service (mCaaS) is a pluggable, cloud powered Digital Content Broker Solution that seamlessly integrates with Transactional systems and leverages any form of standard storage and Middleware. Offered both as a Platform and a custom implementation, it allows users to manage their Digital Assets throughout their lifecycle, thereby delivering a Smart, Seamless & Connected Content flow for the Enterprise across its End Consumers, Customers, Employees and Partners. mCaaS powers dynamic relevant content through intelligent orchestration.

While mCaaS can be enabled to solve many use-cases & help businesses across industries, following are top 4 focus areas for mCaaS:

  • Enabling the Enterprises to Monetize Content
  • Enabling the Enterprises to Save Millions in Contact Center/ Call Center
  • Enabling the Enterprises for Intelligent Knowledge Management
  • Enabling the Enterprises to Publish Personalized Content tailored for a targeted segment of users or even an individual

mCaaS concept image

On Boarding


& Taxonomy




Billing &


User Interaction
& Consumption

Review &



& Sourcing

Sales Content

Digital Assets



The Business Needs [Why mCaaS?]

Enterprise Digital Content Management and Digital Asset Management are an important element in a typical Digital Transformation journey, to that effect managing them effectively in today’s Digitalized & SMAC+ world, brings significant improvement in the Smart and Connected Customer experience, which lot of enterprises are striving to deliver so that it can influence better monetization of their core offerings.

Uniqueness of the Solution

mCaaS Platform is helping Enterprises who are struggling to pull together relevant and contextual content from disparate systems for their end users or transactional apps (eg: building their website or mobile apps). Furthermore, if an Enterprise is looking to cater to personalized or segmented content needs, we enable innovative monetization models. Our differentiator is that our solution is light-weight, customizable, state-of-art and comes at a fraction of cost of other solutions.

Business Stories or Solutions built on top of the mCaaS™ Platform

Features & Benefits

  • Virtual Agent
    • AI Powered & NLP Driven
    • Uses deep learning mechanism to predict answers
  • Sitemap
    • Intelligent site crawler
    • Deriving summarized content/ knowledge from stack of digital content
    • Make it discoverable thru our Intelligent Search Engine
  • Federated Search
    • NLP & Fuzzy driven intelligent search engine
    • Intelligent Sorting & Filtering
    • Rule based search & discovery
    • Deep /Self learning content using Neural networks and Cognitive Model
  • Ingestion
    • Complete or partial ingestion (real-time & offline capabilities)
    • Plug ability to standard channels
  • Tagging & Taxonomy
    • Manual/automated tagging
    • Cascading metadata
    • Define ontologies & relationships
    • Configurable inheritance On-the-fly taxonomies
  • Brokering
    • Aggregate, orchestrate, micro-segment single /multiple digital Assets from multiple source
    • Repackaging with different format /type of digital assets
  • Workflow
    • Human Workflow with Collaborative Review storyboard associated with authorization based access
  • End User Interaction
    • Publish content in a pixel perfect layout
    • Collaboration between different actors
    • Content Recommendation
  • Customer On-boarding
    • Configure content type/template / workflow/ user access
    • Import external content seamlessly
  • Insights
    • Real Time deep insight of user content consumption with micro- segmentation
    • Rating of Digital asset
    • Predictive insight of market demand
  • SaaS based - Zero or Minimum upfront Capex based on the model
  • Go-Live within few weeks, post contracts; post pilot
  • Complimentary 24/7 Support
  • Enhancements/New features as per platform roadmap
  • New features can come complimentary or convenient pricing can be offered based on Model chosen
  • Customizations possible
  • No HW/SW investments
  • One Stop platform for Digital Asset Brokering
  • Efficient high volume content distribution with Storage Plugability
  • Managed Content Services as API/Streaming Data for Channels and Devices
  • Secured end user content Consumption and Insights
  • Use Case specific industry wise positioning


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