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Analytics is the foundation of marketing. It informs and guides the decisions and actions that drive revenue. Analyzing all the customer behavioral data in one place allows marketers to take action on big data and make more customer focused marketing decisions.

Adobe Analytics is an industry leading solution for applying real time analytics and detailed segmentation across all marketing channels, discovering high value audience and powering business with customer intelligence. It helps in improving the customer engagement through apps & location marketing, understanding customer journeys across multiple channels, touch points by measuring the true impact of marketing campaigns and ultimately provide predictive intelligence.

Business Needs

Due to the ever increasing number of marketing channels and customer touch points ,gathering insights is becoming a challenge for business, marketers and analysts. Some of the specific needs:

  • Predictive intelligence to identify the high value audience segments to provide personalized content.
  • 360-degree customer profiling to identify behavioral patterns, visitor segments & mapping the customer to a brand both in online and offline touch-points.
  • Cross channel attribution to depict sales leads and business growth indicators attributing to specific market growths & optimization of resources across channels such as Search, Display, Social & e-Mail.

Why Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics addresses these needs by enabling organizations to make customer focused marketing decisions through informative visualizations, cross channel capabilities, and a powerful predictive workflow.

Features & Benefits

  • Dashboard Viewing
  • Impact analysis
  • Propensity Modelling
  • Audience Enrichment
  • Audience Clustering
  • Call Centre-optimization
  • Algorithmic Attribution
  • Correlation between Data sets
  • Retro-Active event processing
  • View real-time actionable events to enable data driven responses.
  • Understanding the driving forces influencing the business anomalies.
  • Score visitors on a specific variable accessing the right targets
  • Tie online & offline traffic to track the customer behavior across channels.
  • Categorize individuals or groups into actionable personas based on product preferences, geo-demographics, and behavioral attributes.
  • Improve cross sell opportunities & lower call center volumes by analyzing customer touch-points.
  • Tie current customer behavior to past across multiple channels to serve personalized content.
  • Correlate customer data to tie marketing efforts to sales.
  • Assign conversion credits across all touch-points to understand marketing efforts.


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