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Adobe Audience Manager is an industry-leading Data Management Platform (DMP) that integrates online and offline data from every available source to deliver a unified view of audiences. Organizations can identify their most valuable audiences, and then deliver targeted advertisements with a greater chance of conversion. Adobe Audience Manager enables Advertisers, Publishers, and Agencies to integrate owned data also known as first-party data with second- and third-party data to create a 360° view of a consumer’s profile, build and activate meaningful audiences, and ultimately drive the pillars of the customer journey.

Business Needs:

Marketing can only be successful if the target audience is known in advance including their segments, previous buying patterns, interests, etc. Adobe Audience manager allows marketers to optimize the marketing approach by knowing the customers and allowing segmentations. Following are the specific needs:

  • Customer profiling & segmentation to allow marketers to target them personalized content to enhance the chances of conversion.
  • Compare the reach of media partners & customer 1st party data.
  • Advertising efforts to strike a chord with the correct target segments.
  • Customization of all business factors to get better audience insights.

Why Adobe Audience Manager?

Adobe Audience Manager has catered to the business needs aptly providing marketers with a customizable  solution, which  suits business factors, gathering valuable customer insights, splitting them into logical segments lowering advertisement efforts in reaching the targeted audience. In addition, it protects customer privacy and doesn’t ingest Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sell customer data. It directly integrates with other solutions of the Adobe Marketing cloud and 100+ other partner solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Customer data gathering across all marketing channels.
  • Customer profiling & correlation between both authenticated & anonymous.
  • Fine tune segmented data based on different customer profiles.
  • Profile merging-performs cross device identification, engineered to collect any form of identity (mobile ID, declared ID, authenticated ID) to create most comprehensive profile.
  • Audience marketplace offers brokerage of high value audiences that can be activated for cross channel digital campaigns, taking care of contracts, billing & payments between data providers and sellers.
  • Ingesting all online and offline data from a 1st party or 3rd party paves the way to data driven marketing.
  • Creating customer profile from anonymous visitor patterns to segment and target with relevance.
  • Direct interaction with Adobe Analytics makes it robust, reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Support customer journeys with consistent messages.
  • Identify new high value prospects.
  • Adobe Audience manager can integrate with any other marketing solution through API frameworks.
  • Buy and sell 3rd party audience data in audience marketplace.


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