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Primarily targeting the millennials, Disruptive Lending & Leasing – Online Lending & Asset Finance industry is undergoing digital transformation to improve customer experience and make revenue line much stronger. This has opened a host of innovative business models and markets previously untapped.

Our solution with the mix of a right platform, adaptability to market demands and a quick time to market helps foster innovation.

The Business Needs [Why?]

The nature of most of the disruptive lending & leasing business models revolve around a few key aspects, and our services are built with these as our primary focus:

  • Smooth & Quick customer on-boarding
  • Processing high volumes with minimum manual intervention
  • Automated funding, payment, billing and fees creation
  • High standards of data integrity and accuracy
  • One solution that can handle all the nuances of their unique lending & leasing model
  • End to end lending and asset leasing lifecycle
  • Collection integration for better handing the delinquencies
  • Customer online platform for a live digital view of the contracts
  • Digital interactive bot for quick customer queries
  • IoT services for asset tracking and management

Uniqueness of the Solution

Our solutions built on top of platform helps to leverage best of both worlds: to deliver a robust, scalable platform combined with security, flexibility and configurability catering to complex business logic, and the demands of the key business processes in the lending & asset finance cycle. This unique combination of Salesforce and the custom applications provides the right balance of stability and customizability.

Features & Benefits

  • Scalability
  • Modularized Products
    • Separate modules catering to distinct parts of the lending cycle enabling greater control based on use cases
  • Integrations
    • Salesforce as a platform has no limits on the potential integrations that can be deployed to extend the solution to cater to any business needs
  • Customer 360 View

Native Salesforce functionality ensures there is a 360 view of the customer right from the lead stage to the end of the lending cycle, opening avenues to enhance customer service, cross-sell and up-sell, analytics and beyond.

  • One Stop platform for End to End Lending Processes
  • Asset management throughout contract lifecycle
  • Delinquency Management
  • Configuration based setup, easy to deploy
  • Easy to integrate with collections and third party providers
  • Connected field services through IoT
  • Efficiency and Accuracy while processing high volumes
  • Use Case specific industry wise positioning
  • CRM capabilities and tight integration due to single platform


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