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Enterprises across the world are trying to remain focused on core business while minimizing IT investments and overheads. For most of them, governance, risk and compliance initiatives need to be addressed efficiently and cost effectively.

Over 80% of all Internet vulnerabilities are application related. Today commercially motivated or malicious hackers are crafting skillful attacks to penetrate unprotected sites for stealing information and destroying credibility.

Organizations, today have to demonstrate adherence to a series of standards or controls, while proving that the controls actually exist. However, this is an uphill climb as they face dual challenges -first being, determining the exact regulations that are required…

Enterprises across the world are facing tremendous challenge to protect their business from the constantly increasing cyber threat landscape.

Today’s enterprise employees need access to multitude of different applications. From financial reporting software, to customer relationship management, to travel booking, the average employee will need to use at least five different resources

In the short term (next 2 to 3 years), insurers will find greater business impact with mobile investments that are targeted at agents/brokers and service supply partners. Not only will they satisfy partner technology demands but mobile use will reduce the…

Retail continues to change at a dramatic pace due to evolving shopping habits. Modern day shoppers expect superior shopping experience in all channels, many retailers are finding it difficult to keep up with these expectations.

Shoppers visit to retail store check the prices, read product/store reviews online, compare with competition and move away.

The global economy, today, is an increasingly complex environment with dynamic needs. Retailers are facing fierce competition and clients have become more demanding - they expect business processes to be faster, quality of the offerings to be superior and priced lower

Automotive industry is changing the way it delivers the driving experience via host of innovations on Smart Devices. The industry has evolved from basic transformation to smart mobility. The automobiles are becoming connected and smart.

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