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Even in this Internet-dominant era, it is estimated that 50% of airline bookings are still done by travel agents using GDS terminals. Though there are direct connect possibilities and other distribution channels, GDS as a channel seems indispensable for the next few years. Airlines will be able to reap significant benefits through this channel if they are able to plug revenue leakage opportunities. The GDS channel also provides rich data like BIDT – Booking Information Data Tapes and MIDT – Marketing Information Data Tapes to airlines which helps take business decisions.


Airline Passenger Revenue Accounting & Proration Engine
  • Our proration engine adheres to all rules and regulations of IATA, including fares, provisos, mileages, routes, currency conversions and agreements among carriers
  • Developed on client server architecture that can be customized to airline needs
  • Seamless integration with web based as well as LAN based software components
  • Manual as well as electronic data acquisition with electronic data like TCN, BSP, CRC and image processing software
  • Sales Based Revenue Accounting (self-tickets) as well as First Coupon Accounting
Credit Card Reconciliation – Predictive Analysis


  • Reduce loss due to un-reconciled ticket sales
  • Predictive analysis on time to remittances
  • Predictive Modeling for possible fraudulent or excessive credit card use

How we do it:

  • Reconciles all transactions i.e., sales and remittances
  • Analyze incomplete transactions
  • Charge back management
  • Foreign currency rate of exchange

What you get:

  • Identify whether the remitted money has come back to the airline’s bank account from the payment gateway through greater visibility on cash flows
  • Reduce the cycle Time for remittances by generating alerts
  • Manage surcharges and commissions with payment gateways
Automated Fare Audit Product
  • Automates the entire process without requiring extensive manual intervention
  • Integrates into the Airline Reservation system to retrieve PNRs and check if the tickets have been issued in adherence to the fare regulations
  • Carries out audits for “Prime Sales”, “Full and Partial refunds”, “MCOs”, etc.
  • Raises ADMs directly on the BSP links for erring agents

Agent Performance Analysis:

  • ​Agent Performance Benchmarking by DEA (Data Envelope Analysis) based on:
  • Segmentation of the TA by GDS using multidimensional clustering
  • Profiling the TA by volume and revenue
  • Measuring the four quadrants (H-L, H-H, L-H, L-L) based on the misuse of airlines’ agreement, cost and volume of business

GDS Cost Optimization:

  • ​Cost Minimization across the GDS channels based on the transactions, revenue and volumes
  • Reduce revenue leakages
  • Manage look/book costs

Misuse/Fraud Analytics:

  • ​Build and enhance existing fraud detection systems to generate the alert and minimize losses and revenue Leakages by using advanced analytics
  • Reduce fraud/misuse of the ticketing Inventory by stakeholders

Traffic Freedom Analytics:

  • ​Analyze your market share on various routes through predictive scenarios
  • Predict cost Implications on various routes based on the route performance analysis
  • Increase the number of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th freedom of traffic

Refund and Exchange Prediction Analysis:

  • ​Predict the refund/cancellation of air tickets
  • Prediction of part/full exchanges
  • Reduce errors committed by TAs

Revenue Forecasting:

  • ​Forecasts Revenue
  • Agent wise
  • Segment wise
  • Build a forecasting model using advanced analytics
Airline Revenue Control Systems
  • Accurate and cost effective solution that solves problems encountered during revenue calculation and reconciliation
  • Takes inputs from various entities involved, in sale, collection, and revenue realization
  • Closely monitors and reconciles the sales data, collection data and generates the accounting entries and trial balance
  • Tracks the entire life cycle of a PNR
  • Compares the sales data with the collection and finds out discrepancies
  • Calculates the flown revenue and physical (quality) parameters
  • Provides vital information about the aircraft’s performance
  • Generates various management reports easily with rich details
  • Ensures accurate and smooth revenue accounting to match the customers’ requirements perfectly
  • Generates airline invoices with full-billed value that incorporates necessary accounting effects into the system
Teletypes Queues Management System
  • Automates the entire process of teletype handling and is developed as per the AIRIMP standards
  • Carries out pre and post flight quality control checks for optimizing loads on all flights in addition to eliminating unnecessary GDS costs from unused inventory
  • Tracks booking trends and patterns that serve as valuable feedback to the marketing and revenue optimization teams
  • Manages flight clean up, over-bookings and monitors fictitious or duplicative bookings
  • Conducts flight scanning for seat requests (UMNR – Un Accompanied Minor, medical concerns, group bookings, families travelling together and frequent fliers), special meals, excess baggage, revalidations and reconfirmations
  • Significant cost saving of up to 35%
  • Register for a demo to know more about GDS Audit and Predictive Analytics Solution for Airlines


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