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As Travel & Hospitality companies are focusing on expanding their customer base and increasing loyalty, the emergence of disruptive technologies (Mobility, Analytics &Social) has provided them an opportunity to reach out to customers via multiple delivery channels. Traditional e-Commerce business of “Search to buy” is no longer a viable option as customer behavior is changing from researching products to sharing their experiences. This has led to an evolution of a Next Generation Commerce experience combining the Web, Mobile and Social platforms.

Organizations are moving towards implementing solutions to engage customers and increase revenue through multiple channels such as:

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Web Commerce

Mobile Commerce

  • Booking & Payment Management
  • Billing & Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Content Management
  • Integration-GDS/Social
    Channels/Sales & Marketing
  • Native mobile applications
  • Mobile web browsers
  • Location based services
  • Integration with GDS/Social
    Pricing systems
  • Mobile Content Management

Testing Services for Next Generation Commerce

Performance Testing – Load / Endurance / Stress

Test Automation – Mobile Applications / Mobile
Web Browsers / Web Commerce / Web Services

Compliance Testing – PCI.DSS & Open
Travel Alliance

Security Testing – OWASP Top / Vulnerability
Assessment / Mobile Application & Device Security

API Testing – Service Level, Business Rules,
API Integration

Usability & Accessibility (WCAG 2.0, Section 508,

Compatibility Testing – Browser & Mobile Platforms

Functional Testing

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Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce – Development of native and browser based applications
  • Increase access points for customers
  • Location based applications
Engaging Customers
  • Creation of rich content to enable repeat visits to website
  • One-One relationship to retain and reward customers
Customer Assurance and Compliance
  • Focus on Security – OWASP top 10
  • Adherence to standards (PCI – DSS)
  • Location based compliance
Improving User Experience
  • Faster transaction cycles
  • Ensure availability of 99.999% benchmark
Social Media Integration
  • Provide platforms to publish reviews and promote products (Brand Management)
  • Social Applications – Increase sales through social channels (F-Commerce)
Increase revenue through multiple channels
  • Extend product – Affiliate / Partnerships
  • Dynamic bundling of travel products
  • Promote the product – Publish APIs for consumption

Next Generation Commerce has led to a need for higher levels of assurance, test optimization, better test efficiency and enable reduced time to market while managing the cost of quality. Key questions that would cross the organization could be:

  • How do I test heterogeneous and distributed applications?
  • Does my customer feel secure and assured using my products and services?
  • Will my systems be scalable to now handle traffic from the Web, Mobile and Social platforms?
  • How do I reduce the cost of testing and improve Time-To-Market simultaneously?
  • How do I evolve from localized system testing to a thorough end to end form?

Our services leverage test frameworks that we have built to cover disparate technologies thus creating an ecosystem which will achieve the benefits stated below:

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