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Case Studies

Recommendation Engine Development

Happiest Minds helped a US retailer and appliance store to identify multimillion dollar savings using Big Data.

Personalized Patient Experience

Patient Connect for a Multinational Technology Giant

Multi-Channel Enablement

Ecommerce Implementation for a Global Top 5 Wholesaler

Peer to Peer Lending for A US Based Automotive Lender

To automate the lending processes by removing high dependency on manual processes for underwriting loan application

Implementation of Loan Servicing & Collection Strategies

Cloud lending solutions for A US based NGO

Enhancing Overall Reader Experience

Integrated Mobile App for A Regional Media House

Comprehensive Immigration System

Foreign Workers Centralized Management System for a Multinational Technology Giant

Business Process Modernization

Modernize background verification process for a leading service  provider of immigration compliance & background screening.

Cyber Intelligence Platform for the Identity Infrastructure & Solutions Company

How do you make meaning and understand any potential national threats out of social data?

Reduced Turnaround Time For New Loan Applications for a New-age Automotive Lender in The US

Eliminated high dependency on manual processes for underwriting new loan applications using disruptive lending solution. Our solution involved customized integrations to enhance product into a platform to deliver client’s complex needs.

Disruptive Shopping Experience (Mobile) for High-end Fashion Retailer

The business requirement was to create new channels (mobile) to engage customers, increase footfalls and drive revenues.

Customer Experience Analytics Solution for Leading TEM

The business requirement was to Improve customer experience and drive business success with ForeSee. Our multichannel analytics give you to Build a dynamic Customer Experience Analytics dashboard with rich UI components like High Charts, Google Maps and other Java Script…

Recommendation engine development and deployment for a large home improvement and appliance store

The business requirement was to create a recommendation engine- product to product and customer to product recommendation , which called for aggregation and analysis of data from multiple channels and multiple data formats including structured and unstructured ?les. Happiest Minds'…

Online marketing analytics Insight generation for top fashion Retail outlet in the US

The business demanded helping the client in focused targeting of their customers and identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Happiest Minds' solution processed massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real time and increased cross-sell / up-sell opportunities by 5%.

Customer Contract Management for Leading Global Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

The business requirement was to increase ef?ciency and control of contract documents, pricing accountability and relevance based on input ?uctuations and improve contracts execution turnaround time. Happiest Minds’ solution translated the existing service agreement process, developed improved business service agreement…

Innovative Content Monetization for an International Market Research Company

The business requirement was to have content segmentation and dynamic content orchestration with analytics to generate further business leads using a dashboard & detailed reports of anonymous user access. Happiest Minds created a restricted browser to view segmented reports with…

Intelligent Image Processing and Search/ Product Recommendation for an International Travel and Hospitality Company

The business requirement was to create a single point of admin console with advanced image processing and document management with bulk upload and download. Happiest Minds created a cloud integration framework to manage images and videos with smart keyword search…

In-store Kiosk Solution for Merchandise Pick Up – Happiest Minds

Discover in this case study how Happiest Minds Technology Enabled In-Store Process Transformation to Streamline click & collect and improved merchandise pickup / return experience – speed, accuracy & efficiency.

Next Gen Cinema Solution for Large European Cinema Chain

Next Gen Cinema Solution to support new retail business opportunities seamlessly across channels (POS, Web, Mobile).

Hadoop as ELT for Leading US Retailer

The business requirement was to reduce license cost, facilitate large volume aggregations with minimal impact on reporting. Our solution resulted in efficient data migration with a quick aggregation on a large volume of data.

Product Recommendation for leading US Retail Chain

Enhanced Product Recommendation System for 25,000 plus products across all retail stores (kiosk) and online stores results in improved Cross Sales from 10% to 12%. Machine Learning algorithms help in identifying similar products for new items / categories and creation…

Happiest Minds Enables One Stop Shop For Customer Assistance

Combined solutions bring retail modernization for a smart and connected experience to a large US based Retailer. From warehouse process transformation to innovative in-store experience with advanced BI and Analytics creates an enhanced retail experience.

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