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Digital Enterprise Integration is a critical and significant service in the IT Sector. Integration with external partner systems or internal disparate systems from a business and IT perspective are required to leverage the benefits of being a technologically advanced organization. Areas like availability, scalability, reliability need to be addressed by Integration backbone of the IT services  seamlessly.

With the spur in Digitization, organizations need to rapidly adapt to the changing technology landscape by implementing latest disruptive technologies. Companies need to transition from the tradition integration mechanisms to a digital integration with improved efficiency, security, customer experience and performance. This transformation should be achieved with zero compromise in the functional necessities of the business and with all probabilities that bring additional business value in this modernization exercise.

Happiest Minds Digital Enterprise Integration services help companies to support following categories of integrations:

  • Digital modernization of Business Integration landscape
  • Support existing Enterprise Integration and enhancements
  • Consulting & Implementation partner for roadmap, strategy, support in enterprises modernization journey
  • Implementation using IaaS, PaaS or SaaS models


Partner Integration
  • B2B Integration Strategy and Roadmap
  • B2B assessment product evaluation
  • B2B consolidation and modernization
  • B2B Managed Secured File Transfer
  • B2B Implementation Services
  • Partner On/Off-boarding
  • Invoice Automation
  • E2E Order Processing
  • Implementation of SOA/API based B2B along with MSFT, EDI, Sterling Connect.
  • B2B MSFT Service on cloud
  • Application Support maintenance
  • Platform Provisioning
Enterprise Integration
  • Enterprise Integration Assessment and product evaluation
  • Integration blueprint and strategy roadmap
  • Payment Gateway Integration and reconciliation
  • Order processing and provisioning – End to End
  • SaaS, PaaS, Application, Workflow, Document Asset Management Integration enabling real-time decision making leveraging Fast Data architecture
  • Service monitoring , maintenance and governance
  • Platform provisioning
Channel Integration
  • Chanel Integration Assessment and product evaluation
  • API Gateway strategy roadmap
  • Blueprint for API Economy for Enterprise
  • Channel Integration through API Gateway for IOT & IOEs.
  • Channel Data Synch – in real time /batch over secured reliable connectivity
  • Enterprise Authentication Service for channels along with SSO
  • Payment Gateway Integration with POS, Payment reconciliation
  • API Gateway monitoring , maintenance and governance
  • Platform provisioning
API Economy & Governance
  • Enterprise Portal and Mobile Apps
  • Partner’s Portal and Mobile Apps
  • Developers Mobile Apps
  • Third Party Portals & mobile Apps
Connectors and Adaptors
  • Platform Provided Connectors /Adaptors and API: Sales Force, AWS, Google
  • Middleware Connectors /Adaptors: Mule, Talend, Oracle, TIBCO, IBM
  • Generic  Drivers: JAVA, .NET
Fast Data Integration
  • Moving away from Big Data and getting into Fast Data
  • Business Rules to enable  advisory decision & compliance
  • Streaming Analytics -Machine to Machine automated decision based on streaming data
  • Live Datamart -to store both structured and un-structured  data
  • Work Flow to enable Real time decision
  • Event Server to identify Event  & patterns
B2B & Process Integration
  • Single, secure and reliable connection to all business partners
  • Communications flexibility regardless of format
  • Manage of documents, transport & exchange  and systems
  • Real-time insight into your B2B operations


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