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Today’s digitally connected customers expect personalized service, faster response, incredible experience–everywhere, and every time. Salesforce is one such innovative platform that has enabled organizations to reimagine their relationships with customers from a new perspective across all channels and at every touchpoint.

Salesforce puts the Customer at the centre of everything they do to build the connected customer journey. We as a Strategic Partner to Salesforce support our customers in Configurations and Intuitive customizations in various Salesforce Cloud Offerings with our rich technical capabilities in Lightning and LWC technologies.

Our business process competency and technical capability to Salesforce platforms can ensure that our customers achieve real, transformative, and significant business results. Our key success factors in Salesforce implementation have been better strategic assessment, enterprise cloud computing capability, agility, and delivery speed.

Our objective is to accelerate our Customer digital transformation journey and CRM Transformation initiatives with our rich consulting expertise in the world’s #1 CRM solution Salesforce that helps our customers to increase sales, boost productivity and improve customer service while reducing their operational cost and time-to-market.


Salesforce Implementations

We support our customers in Standard OOB Configurations and Indispensable Customizations befitting their line of businesses across the wide range of Salesforce Platform and Product offerings.  These implementations will help you to turn your potential to growth, transform your business potential, revolutionize the way you collaborate, communicate and nurture meaningful relationships. We can accomplish the following for you:



Salesforce Integrations

Scattered data and information across systems is breeding ground for errors and disorder. It mars efficiency, productivity and increases time-consumption. Integrating other systems with Salesforce can bring new levels of efficiency to your processes.

Our Salesforce integration service will not just ensure seamless integration of Salesforce into your existing platform but see to it that it gets you the desired results in terms of efficiency and productivity with a thorough analysis and solutions by our Consultants. The CRM integration will decrease churn, promote cross-sales opportunities and referrals. We are equipped to carry out a variety of integrations like:

  • API Integrations – Rest / SOAP / Bulk / Streaming API’s based on the domain and security constraints
  • Salesforce OOB Connectors
  • Middleware Integrations such as MuleSoft, ETL tools for seamless and multi-channel integrations
  • Heroku Integrations – Using OOB Connectors
  • 3rd Party / Legacy System Integrations
  • AppExchange Integrations
Salesforce Data Migrations

Be it Salesforce org to Salesforce Org Migration or Legacy or Cloud systems to Salesforce Migration, the Data movement is a challenge due it its own reasons of Data Management, Data Model difference between the New and Old systems.

Our Consultants has a proven track of success in efficiently handling Salesforce Migrations, irrespective of the scale of your requirement. We apply a thorough Analysis of Data, Identify the principled approach, help our customers to take data decisions, make sure integrity of the data is intact, uncompromised and consistency throughout, while duplicity is eliminated.

With a blend of our automated scripts, expertise, and the right set of tools we ensure the process is quick, reliable, and flawless.

Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Ever since the inception of Lightning, there is a lot of interest among the Salesforce users on what, how, why and when. The rich modern UI, Component driven approach, Mobile friendly, and personalized consoles to improve user productivity and efficiency, continuous innovations from Salesforce are some of the good reasons to Migrate.

Our Consultants helps customers in identifying the Lightning Migration Road Map with expertise followed by best practices.

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