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  • Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Aug 5th to Aug 11th

    Enterprises the world over, are taking a re-stab....

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  • How SIEM Systems can Improve the Detection of Events of Interest

    Currently, enterprise awareness on cyber threats.....

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  • The High Cost of False Positives to an Organization

    Cyber security teams are under tremendous pressure to safeguard...

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Disney Data Conference

The Disney Data & Analytics Conference 2015 will bring together over 800 executives...

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  • Smart Parking

    Smart Parking systems typically obtains information about available parking spaces in a particular geographic area and process is real-time to place vehicles at available positions ...

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  • Digital Transformation in Banking - The Future of Banking

    Digital Transformation is far beyond just moving from traditional banking to a digital world. It is a vital change in how banks and other financial institutions learn about, interact with and satisfy customers.

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  • Pricing Intelligence

    An intelligent pricing model takes into account more than market intuitions. It considers the degree of demand, supply and product/service scope down-to-the-T as parameters before determining the price.

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