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The healthcare industry is one of the more traditional industries and owing to the criticality of its operations has typically approached change cautiously. However, there has been a recognizable shift towards a patient centric model where all other constituents of the healthcare ecosystem work in collaboration to drive improved outcomes for the patient. One of the key enablers of this change has been the emergence of disruptive technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR which have made accurate, precise and customized personal care possible resulting in overall improved healthcare outcomes.

Happiest Minds with its digital DNA has helped several companies build next generation healthcare products, platforms and digital health systems that are driving transformative change. With our proven track record in the healthcare and health tech markets combined with our strong understanding of disruptive technologies, we can be the engineering partner that helps you create future ready solutions that provide you a competitive edge.


Patient Experience

Digital health has been a true disruptor and the ubiquity of connected devices along with the emergence of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) has fundamentally transformed how patients seek care, interact with healthcare providers, monitor progress, and manage recovery. This has been made possible by new age health tech companies that are disrupting the industry with new business models by placing the patient right in the center and building a supportive ecosystem that can provide real time tracking, monitoring and continuous health care solutions.

We help such companies with –

  • Wearables & IOT for tracking fitness and health parameters
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Tele Consultation
  • Apps for personalized recommendations and continuous engagement
  • Crowdsourcing of reviews and recommendations, support groups and advice

With the patient being placed in the center of the healthcare ecosystem, there are several providers competing to win a patient’s patronage. As a result, providers are now required to offer a seamless experience from check-in to recovery which apart from being the best-in-class must also be personalized and tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Towards this end, providers are leveraging the connected ecosystem to be able to provide better patient management as well as optimize operations so they can make the most of existing resources while providing better care outcomes.

We help Providers with –

  • Patient Monitoring, Remote Consultation and Chronic Patient care
  • Appointments, Scheduling and Marketing
  • Blockchain based Secure Supply Chains
  • Smart Building, Asset Monitoring and Utilization
  • AI driven predictive solutions to help in proactive care

In the world of healthcare, the time taken to respond to an emergency, or a medical ailment can be the difference between life and death. Digital technologies can play a crucial role in reducing the time taken for processing insurance from a couple of days to perhaps a couple of hours. Not surprisingly, many Payers are in the midst of modernizing their core so they can  provide better, more timely and efficient member experiences while maximizing outcomes.

We help Payers with –

  • CRM, Customer Experience
  • Analytics-AI driven claims workflow
  • Policy administration and pricing
  • Population Health
  • eCommerce and Comparisons
Compliance and Security

The importance of compliance in the healthcare industry cannot be underestimated as it governs the relationship between the patients and the healthcare providers. It is highly important to maintain the sanctity of medical records and there are various regulations such as HIPAA and several others around the world that are designed to do just that.  All the constituents in the healthcare ecosystem are required to strictly follow government regulations covering data protection, privacy, regulatory approvals, and certification.

We help companies with –

  • Secure Product development
  • Cloud Security and Dev Sec Ops
  • Compliance with country specific regulations related to PHI (Patient Health Information)


In the present digital era, the industrial world—and in particular, the energy and utilities sector—has been witnessing exponential growth in data. Unfortunately, despite the availability of a huge amount of valuable information, a major portion of the data is traditionally siloed across business units due to which companies involved in conventional power generation, renewable energy generation, power transmission and distribution, retail energy services and water companies are unable to optimize their processes. They are struggling to monitor plants, transmission lines, sub-stations, power meters, water pipelines or effluents efficiently, and maintain and operate them centrally—with minimal local presence and requirements-based dispatching. Digital intervention for extracting wealth out of the siloed data from multiple distributed assets and putting it to work to create a connected experience across functions is what businesses in the energy and utilities domain need.

Benefits that energy and utilities companies can derive from digital transformation:


In the present digital era, the industrial world—and in particular, the energy and utilities sector—has been witnessing exponential growth in data. Unfortunately, despite the availability of a huge amount of valuable information, a major portion of the data is traditionally siloed across business units due to which companies involved in conventional power generation, renewable energy generation, power transmission and distribution, retail energy services and water companies are unable to optimize their processes. They are struggling to monitor plants, transmission lines, sub-stations, smart meters efficiently, and maintain and operate them centrally—with minimal local presence and requirements-based dispatching. Digital intervention for extracting wealth out of the siloed data from multiple distributed assets and putting it to work to create a connected experience across functions is what businesses in the energy and utilities domain need.

Leveraging the latest in technology to automate workflows and processes can deliver greater value across all stages in the user journey:

  • Digital transformation in plants, transmission lines, sub-stations, and consumer homes
  • Efficient daily operations
  • Enhanced workforce management
  • Optimized performance
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs.
  • Effective effluent treatment & compliance with standards
  • Smart metering
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Chatbot/ Digital Assistant for customer service
  • Outage management
  • End-End integration of sensors/assets, enterprise systems to help transform from a traditional utility provider to a digital player

Together, big data, Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other revolutionary technologies offer the promise of a brighter future for energy and utilities companies.

Happiest Minds evaluates current operational processes and IT architecture and then helps clients in the energy and utilities segment utilize state-of-the-art technologies to enjoy a connected experience with connected assets and a connected workforce, leading to centralized maintenance and centralized operations. Developing solutions with a common platform ensures a seamless and centralized experience for all stakeholders. In addition to new developments, Happiest Minds helps integrate legacy systems, bringing them on to a common platform to enable smooth management without the need of accessing multiple websites and portals to track different assets and operations. CXO-level management dashboards allow decision makers to analyze investments, the total cost of ownership of each of their sites, worker productivity, and more.


We work very closely with our clients and follow a systematic approach, powered by our proven consulting framework, to bring about digital transformation. The framework comprises pre-assessment questionnaires, stakeholder discovery sessions, workshops for reviewing findings, analyzing value creation opportunities, defining the technology strategy and execution approach, and finally, developing an optimum time-based implementation roadmap for new initiatives to ensure early success outcomes. Comprehensive interview sessions, workshops, and plant and site visits help us to assess technological gaps and propose a customized digital roadmap best suited to our client’s requirements. In a span of 6-8 weeks, we enable transformation across all levels and functions of the organization.




Sourcing of raw materials

We automate the procurement process for sourcing raw materials or hardware assets that go into generation plants, transmission lines, and substations, helping enterprises save cost and effort. Furthermore, we help them take advantage of AI and ML technology for supplier analytics, enabling decision makers to review and choose the best suppliers with reliable materials.

Demand and forecasting

We leverage state-of-the-art AI and ML tools to help plants forecast energy demand accurately, enabling them to generate energy optimally. By equipping virtual power plants (VPPs) with forecasting controls, demand response, distributed generation, and mixed assets, Happiest Minds facilitates grid optimization and distributed energy resource aggregation.

Planning and scheduling

Our predictive-maintenance-based planning solutions not only help teams schedule daily work but also assist in predicting the ideal time and condition for carrying out repair work so as to cause the least possible impact on business. We leverage AI and ML to help plants analyze low-demand days, enabling them to optimize the total cost of ownership of repair and perform outage work economically based on actionable data insights.

Asset monitoring

IoT and radio-frequency identification (RFID) have redefined asset management and tracking in connected plants. Through IoT-enabled and RFID-tag-based tracking, we help plants monitor asset performance and predict failure. With sensor readings that offer accurate real-time information, we help decision makers make informed choices at the right time.


Our solutions around AR, VR, and handheld devices have been empowering maintenance crews in plants dealing with renewable energy, power generation, transmission, and distribution. AR and VR simplify tracking and inspection of tens of thousands of parts, identification of errors, and locating the exact source of the error. They also assist maintenance crews in following the standard operating procedure via visual guidance.


We help plants set up centralized control rooms to monitor multiple plants across locations or even dispatch maintenance—all from a single place. We help companies in the energy and utilities sector explore the limitless power of technology in operations. We leverage wearable device technology to help them track and confirm worker safety. When a worker repairing or inspecting parts is at risk, or suffers an injury or a fall, readings from these wearable devices could detect the situation and alert authorized personnel to take immediate action.


In the connected world, the Media and Entertainment industry provides true enablement of global reach. With most of the content in digital format to provide right content to the right customer at right moment with correct publishing rights and entitlements requires advanced technology adoption.

As a Digital Transformation company Happiest Minds provides solutions and services towards enhancing customer experience and improving business efficiency. To improve customer experience Happiest Minds provides solutions on Content Commerce, Social Media & Lifestyle analytics and Multi-Channel delivery. Solutions and services for Content Transformation, Infrastructure and Security Management Solutions for Risk and Compliance, Threat & Remediation, Cyber Security enable business efficiency.


Content Commerce

Happiest Minds’ managed Content as a Service (mCaaS) is a pluggable, cloud powered Digital Content Broker Solution that seamlessly integrates with Transactional systems and leverages any form of standard storage and Middleware. Offered both as a Platform and a custom implementation, it allows users to manage their Digital Assets throughout their lifecycle, thereby delivering a Smart, Seamless & Connected Content flow for the Enterprise across its End Consumers, Customers, Employees and Partners. Following is our top two focus areas for mCaaS:

  • Enable direct Content and Asset Monetization, disruptively (Direct Sell scenario)
  • Enable monetization of Core Ent. Products/ Improve Business Process Efficiency thru innovative and efficient Digital Content and Asset Management

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Analytics & Data Insights

The advent of the Web world has opened wide opportunities for Service Providers to communicate with their customers and understand their preferences through Data Insights leads. This results in giving a better service experience and support during travel issues to the customers. Happiest Minds has outlined some important solutions and services that will boost the Hospitality business to a different level:

Multi-Channel Experience

It is estimated that on an average a person is connected to about 4 devices. Providing uniform experience across different channels is essential for correct experience and engagement. Happiest Minds provides solutions to enable multi-channel experience using following set of Solutions:

  • Website & Mobile Enablement
  • Channel Integration
  • Kiosk Integration
  • DASP for Unified View of Customers & Products
  • Security & Infrastructure Management
  • Use of IoT for improving Customer Experience

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Mobility Solutions

The deep penetration to smartphone usage has made people dependent more on the devices. Mobile phones give anytime, anywhere access of information to the end users. Happiest Minds Mobility Solutions helps Enterprises serve their customers in the smartest ways. We offer:

  • Automated Notification
  • Self-Serve Request
  • Loyalty Reward
  • Offer booking to local ancillary services
  • Make mobile payment
  • Gamification
  • Distribute Digital Coupons

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Security and Infrastructure Transformation

Volatility is likely to remain constant with a new phase of globalization. Keeping pace with the rapid market changes while ensuring that business growth stays on track is possible today only with the support of next generation technology. Not only can these new technologies drive operational excellence and predictable business operations through a standards-based delivery model, it can also help facilitate innovation. Either by moving to cloud-based applications, mobile-enabling the workforce, optimizing the IT infrastructure or securing the workplace, enterprises need the support of an expert technology partner to help them navigate the various complexities involved.

Infrastructure services

  • Service Desk
  • NOC Services – Server , Network , Storage , Database, Backup / Archival , Asset Management, Vendor Management
  • Data base Monitoring and Management
  • Cloud Operations Monitoring and Management
  • Mobility / BYOD Monitoring and Management
  • Big Data Provisioning and Management

Security Services

  • Security Device & Event Management
  • Log Monitoring and Management
  • IT Risk Office ( Risk , Compliance – Archer )
  • User Access Mgmt. ( Audit , Assurance )
  • App security, Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • File Integrity Management
  • Integrated Data Base Security
  • Advanced Malware Security
  • Network Forensics

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Happiest Minds eCommerce analytics services helps global marketing organizations and digital agencies enhance their data capturing, reporting and analyzing capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. We help  organizations in understanding the dynamicity of market needs based on our extensive industry knowledge and day-to-day working experience.


Increase Coneversion

Cart Abandonment

All online retailers experience shopping cart abandonment. To combat this problem, analyzing the shopping experience, right from the moment shoppers start adding products to their cart till the time they finish their purchase, is important to determine what post-abandonment marketing tactics can be leveraged to eventually gain conversion. Covering every fork in the road that could cause a customer to abandon their purchase by using ecommerce analytics services and automating post-abandonment messages will lead to increased revenue without major efforts.

Dynamic Pricing

This helps identify price sensitivity patterns based on purchase behavior, transactional behavior and demographic information. Our ecommerce analytics services enable companies to understand these behavioral patterns. Dynamic pricing techniques help offer the right price to the right customer, ensure focused customer acquisition (by understanding the customer better), and predict the price sensitivity score of the customer.

Personalized User Experience

Personalization is the process of tailoring content to suit individual user preferences/characteristics. Powered by our ecommerce analytics services, companies can meet customer demands effectively and efficiently, and make interaction faster and easier, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Improve Traffic Quality

Campaign Optimization

Marketers, today, leverage many established best practices and tools to efficiently collect the data necessary to analyze marketing campaigns and make informed data-driven business decisions.

Campaign analysis can not only help marketers to make short term fixes to their marketing campaign mix but also provide them with the insights needed to maximizing the lifetime value of a customer over time. The campaign analysis and optimization process can be divided into two major categories:

  • Harvesting Low Hanging Fruits: This refers to areas needing improvement that are easy to identify and provide quick and effective results.
  • Term Optimization: This refers to the process of continual optimization over time and includes improving the customer’s overall lifetime value.

Customer Acquisition

The digital age consumers are more informed sophisticated; they expect businesses to understand when and how they wish to be engaged.

Customer analytics transforms your data into actionable insights, so you can anticipate what customers want and discover the most effective way to improve customer acquisition. Companies can also improve customer acquisition through segmentation and clustering techniques, reduce costs by targeting prospects that are mostly likely to respond and, anticipate which products, services and/or features customers care about the most.

Search Engine Optimization

Behavioral Targeting, a technique used by online advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, is playing an increasingly important role in the online advertising world.

The assumption behind behavioral targeting is that the users who have similar search or browsing behaviors will have similar interests, and thus are more likely to click the same ad (as compared to users who have different online behaviors). Different machine learning algorithms are used to mime data and predict online visitors’ behavior.

Buyer’s Behavior Prediction

Web servers keep track of web users’ browsing behavior in web logs.From these logs, one can build statistical models that predict the users’ next requests based on their current behavior. These data are complex due to their large size and sequential nature. In the past, researchers have proposed different methods for building association-rule based prediction models using such web logs.

Reduce Operation Cost

Demand/Price Forecasting

Demand/price forecasting helps predict the demand of products or a group of products in future, which helps e-retailers to keep or optimize their inventory, thereby helping them reduce warehouse operational costs.

Refund Prediction

Reverse logistics helps in the correct and timely estimation of reverse material flow.Improved forecast accuracy can lead to better decision making in strategic, tactical and operational areas of an organization.

Inventory & Order Management

Inventory & Order management can be optimized based on the location, demand, sales, price, delivery time, etc.


mCommerce Xperience is a mobile commerce solution for Magento platform and provides Seamless experience across all platforms and devices.

Solution Highlights

  • Customized Workflows for shopping cart, payment , product discovery on Magento
  • REST APIs creation of Magento features for easy consumption on mobile
  • SDK’s for popular mobile platforms –Android and ios
  • Pre-Defined User Interface Templates which can be customized based on retailer needs
  • Dynamic widget configuration and Custom Widgets for High quality rendering
  • Open Framework to integrate with third party utilities such as recommendation engines, price comparison and payment providers


Print 2 Digital solution that allow media publishers to create complementary digital experience for your customers with contextual information and AR experience. It is an integration of Augmented Reality to give a personalized digital experience.

How does it work?

  • Open Mobile app
  • Scan movie poster using this app in camera view
  • Successful detection will lead to a new screen with information about the movie


  • View trailers
  • Cast & Crew, Story Line
  • Picture Gallery
  • Downloads
  • Book My Tickets
  • Locate Nearest Theatres
  • Post updates on Social Channels


RewardX is a White labelled In-Store customer discovery and rewards management platform that delivers real time value with personalized offers to your customers both online and offline. The rewards are based on the customer’s shopping lists and purchase history.

This unique solution by Happiest Minds uses beacons to discover potential customers in a store. It also drives store traffic by learning consumer behavior and sending contextual messages. RewardX engages with customers when they arrive at the shop, while shopping and after they have checked out.

Features & Benefits

  • Build customer loyalty by delivering appropriate discounts at the right time.
  • Increase store traffic
  • Drive store traffic through proximity based sensors
  • SDK’s for popular mobile platforms – Androis and iOS
  • Reward delivery over multiple channels
  • Highly scalable middleware
  • Customer Insights to track conversion rates of offers
  • Integration with Evernote to retrieve shopping list


CPG brands always try to find out which events to sponsor, how the brand launches are performing, what would be the return on investment for the marketing spend/event sponsorship and exploring new product ideas or brand identity ideas from social media. We have come up with a differentiated platform offered as a service to Brand Managers and marketers.


  • Keep a tab on social media platforms to understand relationships and patterns
  • Identify current trends to capitalize for sponsorships
  • Analyze the response for an sponsored event
  • Analyze the response for new product launces
  • Analyze in real-time if advertisements are effective and creating a buzz


Happiest Minds have built a unique solution that involves creating a concept store for CPG players to deliver an interactive experience to customers for firsthand brand experience. The solution has a kiosk-based display based on Gesture computing.


  • Integration with social media
  • Feedback capturing mechanism
  • Ability to place orders through app
  • Product catalogue/information rendering through QR codes
  • Integration with backend content management systems
  • Intelligent recommendation engine based on geographies and trends


Order Fulfillment and Fleet Tracking is a unique solution for real time order tracking using GPS and optimization of delivery process integrated with CRM.

Our Offerings

  • Provide with available delivery/vehicle options to optimize operational costs
  • Daily Demand based Route Plan
  • Driving Directions to the Vehicle Driver using GPS
  • Inventory tracking from source to delivery point
  • Reprioritizing Delivery Schedule, Real time Order Status tracking



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